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[Suggestion] Walls and Hedges
Walls and Hedges Posted on [20/04/2021] à 13:28

A couple of terrain items that do not seem to appear much in Heroes of Normandie or Heroes of Stalingrad are walls, and especially hedges.

Taking walls first there are a couple of them – for example around the La Fiere Maison in St Mere Eglise set and of course on Bridges. But it would be nice to see a few more on boards or overlays, such as walls surrounding fields. I have kind of made myself some using the print and Play Walls download. Any chance we can see some more more walls, maybe in the Stretch goal boards creek and farms boards for the Big Red One?

Then there is hedges. I'm talking about normal sized ones you can see over, not bocage. Now I know the focus of the main game is Normandy which has a lot of bocage but there must also be hedges there too! And there isn't currently a print and play download for them.

[Suggestion] Walls and Hedges Posted on [21/04/2021] à 10:52

You’re right that there aren’t many walls as ‘in between squares’ terrain.

Battleground Set 1 had one terrain board with a wall. Otherwise it’s mostly bridge railings.

HoBR has more walls like barricades.

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