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Call #1 Scenarios
Call #1 Scenarios Posted on [14/04/2021] à 19:31

Having attempted these downloaded publisher scenarios for the Cthulhu Call #1 expansion I have a few observations that left us with questions.

The first one, Master, We're Ready! favors the Cultists faction mainly due to the board tile landscape features. Reaching Erghöl Derleth first off is rather difficult, plus he can defend well in the Hedgerow spaces. Having played it 4 times, he was never defeated, on a fifth time we switched to other available board tiles, and he was narrowly defeated.

So, the second scenario, Caves of Terror, seems peculiar that it starts with him being captured. And, we found that it is completely slanted that the Cultist can not feasibly defeat the Black Sun faction. Even if the Cultist is using the Cult des Ghoules to keep up with H.P. Lovecraft's Zombie stream we never set foot with a unit on the far right board tile. The ability to continually redeploy Zombies is broken. It might be due to the Devoted Nurses assisting in the Zombie draw… Along with the narrow gauntlet of space in the caverns that the Cultist cannot make any forward progress.

We tried to implement the Bind Zombies spell over use of the Curse of Azatoth on the Cult de Ghoules, and it helped slightly. Yet… the Cultists just cannot survive or make it by turn 10 on the third board tile.

It makes me wonder who play tested this before publishing it??? Terrible design unless it was meant to be unbeatable.

Which begs to ask if the mere cost of 75 pts. on the Summon Shoogoth in the 3rd Scenario is handicapped by the forced loss of the extra Cultist units via a loss in the 2nd Scenario???

So, after buying and playing this expansion it seems the unit costs on many of them are drastically unbalanced. H.P. Lovecraft should be much higher than a 20 cost!?! Yes he has certain limitations… But as a player when putting together our own scenarios, it would help if the unit costs were better thought out.

Makes me question everything about the game structure at times in unit balance.

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