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HoN Core Box Comparison
HoN Core Box Comparison Posted on [06/04/2021] à 21:29

What is changed in V2?

Heroes of Normandie – Big Red One Edition is a Core Box and not an Expansion box. It is the foundation for the new V2 system that will be used in all future content and the re-release of an out of production product.

The first difference resides in a massive graphical update to bring Heroes of Normandie to the standards set by Heroes of Stalingrad.

The second is about rules. Those from V2 are an updated and streamlined version, made with the help of community feedback, years of experience and experimentation as well the work done on the Compendium.

The third is the unit choice. For this new edition we wanted to change Division, Americans and Germans, to allow for new visuals for our veteran players as well as to honor the Big Red One for its feat of arms.

The fourth difference is the Action card decks. The new card decks follow the same principles as Heroes of Stalingrad, coming down from a 70 cards deck to 50 cards, with alternative bonuses on some cards which prevent the "dead card in hand" situation possible some scenarios. No more need to sort your deck out before you play.

Existing Scenario Compatibility

To maintain compatibility with all previously published scenarios, many elements of the new box had to remain the same.

> All Command and Army-common recruitment options from V1 are in the new edition.

> All the original Heroes are present.

> The game boards are identical, as well as the terrain elements that you can place on them.

Equivalent Troops

If you want to play an older scenario, there are the equivalent platoons, although the types of support recruitment options remain congruent.

Listed with the V1 platoon first and then the equivalent V2 platoon:

> 8th Inf. Reg. of the 4th Inf. Div. <-> 16th Inf. Reg. of the 1st Inf. Div.

> 22nd Inf. Reg. of the 4th Inf. Div. <-> 18th Inf. Reg. of the 1st Inf. Div.

> 1st Bat. of Reg. 901 of the Panzer Lehr <-> 1st Bat. of Reg. 304 of the 2nd Panzer Div.

> 1st Bat. of Reg. 902 of the Panzer Lehr <-> 2nd Bat. of Reg. 304 of the 2nd Panzer Div.

Equivalent Field Commands

> American Major John Marvin <-> Colonel George A. Taylor.

> German Major Hans Gruber <-> Major Karl Brassert.

New Units in V2

For the German Army: a new Flak 38.

For the American Army: a 57mm AT Gun, 60mm Mortar and 81mm Mortar (Command Option)

New Hero options

> Otto and Oddball are now "Crew" so can also be on foot.

> Heroes now have a recruiting/customization slot.

> New Customization Options available: a flamer, bazooka, MP40, Thompson, a knife, Panzerfaust or abilities like Opportunistic Fire.

New Scenarios

> 8 new scenarios are included in the scenario book, plus one tutorial scenario.

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