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HoBR Print and Play
HoBR Print and Play Posted on [29/03/2021] à 14:34

Hi all,

I love Heroes of Black Reach, the artwork, options and the fact I don’t have to shell out £££, $$$, €€€, etc for plastic minis to play 40k-themed games.

Disappointed to read comments that future expansions might not happen for certain reasons. I’d love to see Eldar, Chaos, Imperial Guard and Tyrannid factions, as well as variations (space marine chapters, Eldar craft worlds and the like).

Fingers remain crossed something will happen, but are there any thoughts of print and play options DPG could offer? Files with the art, appropriate card stock and instructions to printers. If there are any issues in producing ‘hard copy’ products (only going by some of the comments I’ve read), perhaps this is a way forward?

I’ve no idea of licence agreements, limitations and the like, so apologies if this is naive.. 😉

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