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Question about pledge manager
Question about pledge manager Posted on [11/03/2021] à 10:22


sorry for the dumb question, but first time for me using kickstarter.

Thinking about buying a "Cowboy" pledge for the current project.

I don't understand: after filling the kickstarter page and "buying" the pleadge, should I also fill the pledge manager here on this website?

If I click on the pledge manager, I don't seem to find any reference to the Big Red One project.

I did read the faq here


but they are referring to the Heroes of Stalingrad.


Question about pledge manager Posted on [11/03/2021] à 10:56

The pledge manager is not open yet, and will open some time after the kickstarter ends. For comparison, with Heroes of Stalingrad the pledge manager opened only about 8 weeks after the kickstarter.

When the pledge manager opens, you should hear through the kickstarter news, and probably through the Devil Pig newsletter if you subscribed.

In the pledge manager you will be able to provide your address, (possibly) add some specific products to your pledge, and pay for the extra products and shipping, if you haven't already through Kickstarter.

Question about pledge manager Posted on [11/03/2021] à 12:23


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