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Wonder what is next?
Wonder what is next? Posted on [09/03/2021] à 19:03

I got the notice of the new kick starter and looked it over. Not sure if I need it as the new card decks were ordered previously and should be arriving someday.

I have the D-Day expansion already.

However, if buying this new version of HoN may help to someday see Heroes of Valedor I would be happy to buy a set for me and one for my nephews.

So is there any idea what may be in the pipeline for next release?

I try to keep an eye on this site and there is nothing I can remember about what may in the works.

Crossing my fingers for more 40K material. 😀

Wonder what is next? Posted on [09/03/2021] à 20:12

Last year there were a few very early drafts for a new range called 'Heroes of Fantasy'.

There's also been talk of a Stalingrad version of the card game.

No news about Heroes of Valedor for a very long time now.

During the Bad Moons preorder in 2019 there was talk of more Ultramarines content as well.

☠☠☠ Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

Wonder what is next? Posted on [09/03/2021] à 21:25

That is what I was afraid of.

I have no interest in a fantasy version. I will keep an open mind and check it out.

Well, the 40K stuff I have is something I am delighted to have. Even if the rest of the line never gets finished this set is quite good.

Wonder what is next? Posted on [09/03/2021] à 21:26

Quote from kenofyork on [09/03/2021] à 21:25

Are the terrain tiles the same as the previous version?

They are the same so that the new box is still compatible with all old expansions.

Big Red One will feature new scenarios however.

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Wonder what is next? Posted on [10/03/2021] à 21:39

In case you missed it there is now a pledge level, "Cowboy", that only includes the new content from the Big Red One edition.

Note that this doesn't include the new card decks since they were already available in Pig Back From Hell (?). I believe they may also be available as an add-on in the BR1 campaign.

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