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HON V1-vs-V2 component compatibility
HON + HON 2.0 components compatibility Posted on [26/02/2021] à 09:36

Looking at the components of the units with the new artwork an issue that may occure comes in my mind.

If you want to play custom scenarios and mix units from the original with 2.0 version I understand that there is no issue if you have minor difference in artworks between units. My issue comes when you want to use hidden units (the ones with the questionmark). In this case the artwork difference can be a problem for me because you immediately give away the unit you are using. If I have a hidden unit both from the "old" and the "new" then your opponent know what is what.

Does any one else thinks about it?

HON + HON 2.0 components compatibility Posted on [26/02/2021] à 10:14

Nostradunwhich pointed this out as well, and we discussed this with Yann and Clem, and they are fully aware.

It seems like this is an update they wanted to do, as a part of the complete graphical overhaul they envisioned.

The main feature of Ambush units is that they cannot be targeted, and this remains unchanged, but as you pointed out, when mixing units from both editions it will be easier to deduce Ambush units' hidden side.

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HON + HON 2.0 components compatibility Posted on [26/02/2021] à 22:44

Such is the price of an updated artwork. Something to accept and enjoy both games.

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HON + HON 2.0 components compatibility Posted on [26/02/2021] à 23:20

I had the same initial reaction as the OP, which is why I brought it up with DPG.

I have certainly used the Ambush side in the past to help prevent my opponent from knowing where my Bazooka Squad was located. I did this by having the Recon troops also in Ambush mode. In most cases, this will be unaffected by a change in back, as all the units in a given platoon would have the same back.

Thinking about it a bit more, there is a very small chance something like that would be relevant between and older and BR1 platoons, but how often will it be an actual issue? What troops are in the BR1 edition that are unique to that box (at least, of the troops that can employ Ambush? How many of those need to be kept hidden? In the rare case that might be an issue, use Ambush markers in their place, and that should solve the problem.

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