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storage question
storage question Posted on [20/02/2021] à 16:53

Hi all!

Found recently for sale a copy of the HOS box with the Vassili Pledge included.

Would like to know if this Core storage game elements box


will be enough to store everything.

Or should I need also the german and russian storage army boxes, like these one?


Thanks in advance!

storage question Posted on [20/02/2021] à 18:03

The core box holds only the various general tokens (sippress/activated, order), dice, templates, etc. but not the recruitment tiles, troop tokens, or their equipment.

The German and Russian storage boxes have drawers so you can put a recruitment tile and all its troop and platoon-specific option tokens together to make it easy to grab them if you want to use that platoon. The gear and stuff available to any force of that army go in a drawer or two as well. Very helpful when setting up a game.

You can just use bags and store all the troops and their gear in the core box, of course, but the drawers are very handy and look great on the shelf 🙂

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storage question Posted on [20/02/2021] à 20:00

Thanks for the answer.

So I will basically need:

1 core game storage box

1 german army storage box

1 russian army storage box

Using google translate I found the very same question on the french forum


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