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What can fans do for this system?
What can fans do for this system? Posted on [20/12/2020] à 17:08

I have been watching and waiting to see what happens with this system.

The best case scenario is that products will be produced that will eventually lead to other factions being represented.

Worst case is that official production ends and the potential of the system is lost.

What can fans do to help out? I have purchased 3 complete sets so far and also made a couple of youtube videos featuring game play. I am going to do another with optional rules and play tips.

I hired my nephews to produce some home made content but thus far they are still working on it with no results.

My attempts to contact Devil Pig over the years have been met with no response.

Is there anything that fans of the system can do to try to keep this game system alive and perhaps even growing?

More youtube videos? Fan made content? Help with playtesting?

Perhaps people can "crowd source" content creation by people collaborating to promote the system.

For my part, I have been looking for a hybrid of Squad Leader in a 40K setting.

This system fills that niche quite nicely. Although I have house ruled things a bit to make it a little more like Squad Leader and suitable for solo play.

Regardless of whatever the company does I will always have that. but professionally produced products are certainly better than any thing I may be able to knock together.

The only thing that seems like it may happen is more and more pre-orders that take years to arrive.

I have been a little frustrated with that approach but it is better than nothing.

What can fans do for this system? Posted on [21/12/2020] à 13:03

I think the best fans can do is get more people interested in buying the game. This means sharing pictures, reviews, battle reports, and custom content.

What can fans do for this system? Posted on [28/12/2020] à 04:17

I have bought two copies myself. Would you mind sharing the house rules you added? I am really hoping they add to this system soon!

Robert Campbell

What can fans do for this system? Posted on [28/12/2020] à 08:40

I'm also interested in the house rules. Please share kenofyork!

What can fans do for this system? Posted on [28/12/2020] à 11:15

Creating buzz, like Quickle said, is the best you can do to keep a game alive and kicking. Reviews and battle reports on YouTube or gaming sites like BoardGameGeek get viewed a lot, so that would help a lot.

☠☠☠ Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

What can fans do for this system? Posted on [26/01/2021] à 21:05

Here is a video I made comparing Squad Leader to Heroes System.


Worth mentioning that I sold my ASL collection to fund my Heroes collection. I did keep my basic Squad Leader stuff.

Mostly positive with some tips on converting to minis and adding some Squad Leader flavor.

I wanted to make this to boost the new kick starter maybe.

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