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Selling everything every made by devil pig, feelers for interest
Selling everything every made by devil pig, feelers for interest Posted on [06/12/2020] à 15:03

Quote from Jjmclachlan on [08/10/2020] à 05:50

I currently have a complete collection of every single unit, pack, box, promo, gazette, and piece of content ever released for HoN, HoS, and HoBR, including pledges on all the p500/preorder/Kickstarter I’m looking to sell it all.

I live in the Philadelphia area and am willing to drive a good distance to meet someone half way, or do a bunch of boxes through UPS flat rate to get it shipped. Still getting pricing together, but wondering if anyone is interested?

I could be interested in the deal, but I need only the thing owning to the Heroes of Normandie or Heroes of Stalingrad that I do not have or that have been labelled as Out of Stock even before I knew that the Heroes System was "alive"…

I need some of the HoN Gazettes too such as the number 0 and the number 8, If I do recall it well.

I also would like to have the kickstarter expansion made for Stalingrad but I do not own – at this time – the core box of it neither do I own or know well how it could cost the shipping from the USA where you live to Asti (Italy) – the place where I reside and live !!!

I mean… It could be a very expensive stuff, right ?

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