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The Aftermath Campaign
The Aftermath Campaign Posted on [27/09/2020] à 05:10

Hey all,

I have been working for a while on putting together a new campaign for Heroes of Black Reach. It carries on from the core box and expansion box campaign and lets you play out a new campaign, in the aftermath of that battle, to see whether the last remaining orks on Black Reach can manage to build a spaceship and escape.

The campaign consists of 8 scenarios (out of a possible 15). The orks are trying to find loot (to build a spaceship), to sabotage the Ultramarines (to reduce their effectiveness and distract them) and to rescue any orks that they happen to discover. Sometimes there are choices for the ork player to make, to decide if they want to do a scenario that might give more loot or one that might sabotage the UMs.

In the final scenario the loot points and sabotage points collected by the ork player throughout the previous 7 scenarios will influence the final scenario, as the orks try desperately to escape.

The campaign uses all of the currently available expansions for Heroes of Black Reach.

The PDF of the campaign is available on BGG:


If you do have a go at the campaign, I'd be really interested in any feedback that you have. I play-tested it all myself yet – so there will probably be a few balance issues to iron out. Any feedback would be very helpful to enable me to tweak the scenarios to make them better.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy 'The Aftermath'.


The Aftermath Campaign Posted on [28/09/2020] à 08:32

Lovely concept and I honestly cannot wait to try this out!

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The Aftermath Campaign Posted on [28/09/2020] à 09:11

Marked Sticky.

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The Aftermath Campaign Posted on [12/10/2020] à 11:24

Wow! This looks really good.

I especially like, that the forces to use are already set, the official campaign only gave point values, which meant a hell of a lot armybuilding before you could start to play.

While I enjoy that aspect, it takes time and for a quick fix the given scenario approach works vastly better. And with a point value given, you can always change the force anyway, so your approach is supperior from my point of view.

Downloaded, unfortunatly might take a while to get to the table.

Thank you for the effort.

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