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Is army building hidden or not?
Is army building hidden or not? Posted on [24/08/2020] à 09:14

One thing is bothering me.

In most scenarios player is allowed to customize an army. However, after the first player decides what units and options are included in the army, does the second player know about exact army compositions of the opponent's army? Or is army composition hidden until deployment? In short, do both players in secret pick additional units and options?

If no, then what is an order in which players make their choices? It is determined by the initiative?

I've couldn't find the answer neither in the rulebook or in the scenario book.

Is army building hidden or not? Posted on [24/08/2020] à 15:26

You are free to compose your army secretly or not. Agree on this with other players in advance.

Put up a screen on the table or go to separate tables/rooms, assemble your army, then bring it to the gaming table. It adds a bit of fog of war to the game if players don't know yet what units will be deployed or enter the game later on.

Players can choose whatever they like or agree to refrain from mustering certain units like panzers or planes if you prefer to slug it out with just infantry perhaps. They might agree to use only Airborne/Airforce/Luftwaffe units if their collection is large enough. Lots of possibilities.

Armies can be preassembled of course. Take the points maximum into account, muster your forces in advance, bring those to the table and start playing.

Is army building hidden or not? Posted on [25/08/2020] à 22:55

I like fighting against an unknown force and the gamble and uncertainty it brings. I like how games can be very unpredictable.

Feel free to agree with your opponent.

☠☠☠ Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

Is army building hidden or not? Posted on [26/08/2020] à 02:23

I agree with Bartdevuyst. the gamble in your planning adds excitement and an unknown element to the game. It adds the fun of trying to guess what strategy your opponent may use and your best guess to counter it.

Is army building hidden or not? Posted on [30/08/2020] à 19:26

My brother and I pick our armies independent of each other, and then before deployment we introduce our lists to each other. Not just in the heroes games but all our war games. This way, you can't counter pick the other person, but you aren't going into the match completely blind either. Ultimately it is up to the people playing.

Samuel Hay

Is army building hidden or not? Posted on [12/09/2020] à 06:19

Quote from bartdevuyst on [25/08/2020] à 22:55

I like fighting against an unknown force and the gamble and uncertainty it brings. I like how games can be very unpredictable.

Feel free to agree with your opponent.

And this is why the Devil Pig Dudes should keep up to date and free from bugs the section called TOOLS here on the site… Which I see is not so much updated and lacks many or most, in many cases, of the newer troops and sets… Such as those from the Stalingrad range, in example…

And I say so because that instrument allow you to create rapidly a force and even a terrain / table of maps onto which to play the game…

And it allows also to keep eventually secret each respective army (instead to create the armies one in front of the other the players should agree to setup a match and a pair of armies "independently", each of them doing that "at their home"… And then just bring with them the lists of those armies and the relative tokens, the day of the game… Or similar way of behaviours…

I mean… I've so many Heroes of Normandie stuff (not everything because most of the things I want to buy are not reprinted and Out of Stock at this moment) that my setup and de-setup do take alot of time… And also this implies the fact that I've to create one army before the other and in front of the opponent…

But since I mostly played with newbie players as regards the Heroes System, I do create firstly my army… And then the army of the opponent… So he can decide what units to bring into the battle, having seen my choices…

But – if this method works with newbies and has some sort of "knightley behaviour and politeness" into it – it also implies that I start each game against opponents that create an army "ad hoc" which is the exact nemesis of the army I play… And I also feel to have not a single chance to use some sort of "fog of war" of any kind or to be outmaneuvered from the start due to the fact that I've always to create my army first and then create the opposing one… Instead of creating the two armies separatedly and / or in secretness…

I 've to do this because I've issues with the storaging of the troops and tiles and tokens I've bought… I would like to keep them separated with an historical criteria and not mix them, in order to find them as soon as possible, but at this moment my core boxes and the army boxes too are filled to the limit and it's due to the fact I've to use ziplocks to store everything in order… I had to put into the garbage bin the token trays that those boxes had because the tokens I've are so many and also they do not fit at all inside the trays… And I hated alot that thing, not understanding why the Devil Pig Games had used such misconcepted trays… That did not allow to store anything and also where "open-topped"… Then, the same tokens stored inside, usually did not fit well or ended up being mixed with each other… Prolongating even more the setup times for Heroes of Normandie games… They should have put inside the core boxes the "storage solutions boxes sets" that I now see to be Out of Stock too… And not sell those storage solutions boxes separatedly… Also at higher than life cost, for my tastes !!!

This is what I think. The game is cool but the setup times is too high due to those storage solutions and issues (expecially for collectors like me, which have all the products of the lines or almost all of them)…

You should have maybe created smaller tokens, bigger boxes and plastified and slim playmats and modular maps and terrain tiles, instead of made them all in thick cardboard as they are today.

You should have created more terrain tiles such as that one presented with the Market Garden Expansion set… Which is slim, double sided (one representing Arnem city and the other side representing open terrain to use with self made scenarios or to be used to reproduce the missions in the boxes without having to bring along all the thick cardboards representing terrain features…). And – even if it is very large and presents issues related to its size (since few people have tables or space large enough to deploy both pieces of that terrain, or even just one of them, as it is my case) – it is easier to desetup and store after the game ends… And it is more "portable" and ligth in mere terms of pounds… And weight !!!

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