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Drop Pod expansion
Drop Pod expansion Posted on [15/09/2020] à 15:53

Quote from ViolatorJK on [15/09/2020] à 01:50

I think in any culture after you take someone's money for a product and then after a year have a Kickstarter and take their money a second time you should give an official update. I also think in any culture if I was running a worldwide company as one person and I wanted to be successful there is no summer vacation.

It is more than concerning that I return to this forum after many weeks and still nothing official to be seen except for another new product on the way. I am assuming it will require another kick starter and more of our money to be sent out in advance.

Followed by lengthy periods of no explanations.

Any updates on the HoBr P500? Posted on [15/09/2020] à 17:10

hi Devil Pigs,

Any updates on the P500 that was supposed to be progressing after your recent kickstarter? There seem to be a lot of other announcements but we have been waiting a very long time and no news at all. Thanks



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