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Have I been fooled ?
Have I been fooled ? Posted on [02/06/2020] à 03:28

So I’m part of the select group that never received their HoS pledge. I’ve verified my pledge again and again and it’s confirmed and paid in full…

I’ve been patient for a long time and been disappointed again and again as I see DPG keep moving forward, launching new projects and receiving more $$ while they don’t see fit making it a priority to deliver games to people like me that paid them over 2 years ago.

I voiced my disappointment during the last Kickstarter along with many other backers and got the answer that, with the KS launch complete, they would make sorting out the undelivered Pledges from previous Kickstarter campaigns a priority ! At last I thought ! So I sent a message as requested and amazingly got a reply within 24h saying that I would receive some info as to whats going on with my game in the next few days. That’s good news!

Except that 2 weeks went by, the kickstarter ended and no news… So I write a follow-up email to see when I could except the info promised… it’s now been 2 more weeks and still nothing.

1 month later and I’m feeling like DPG fooled us and that were told that we would be a priority so that we would stop the bad publicity during the campaign, but with the campaign now over, DPG as no intentions on following up on their promise.

I want 1 thing to be clear… I won’t be fooled again. Until DPG delivers what I paid for, you can count to be there if DPG ever launches any other KS campaigns. I will be there warning everyone on KS and BGG of the risks with backing a DPG project. And that time, if DPG tries to have us stop with more promises, I’m not going to be fooled again.

Hopefully I’m wrong and DPG does intend to fulfill their commitment and will send my pledge before their next KS….we shall see, but with 1 month of radio silence, it’s not looking good.

Have I been fooled ? Posted on [02/06/2020] à 04:55

This is your first post, but it sounds like you already have done the checking of the PM. Are you aware of the News post about shipping issues that can be found here:


I am not defending the silence, there is no excuse. DPG can be bad about getting back to people in a timely manner some times, so it might well be you have not heard back.

There has been a real problem with shipping due to COVID, and DPG should have at least informed you of the current shipping situation if that is the problem.

Have you checked your spam filter in case stuff showed up there? I am not claiming that is the "answer", just trying to ensure all the options are explored. It has happened to other people who posted about not getting a response from DPG.

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Have I been fooled ? Posted on [02/06/2020] à 05:36

I check my spam regularly. As for the link you shared, it dates back to beginning of april, so it predates my inquiry during DPG’s last Kickstarter. If addressing issues with previous campaigns such as mine had really been made a priority as they said, I should have received an update on the delivery of my pledge by now… it’s been over a month. I understand for reason x, y or z maybe my game didn’t make it’s way to me, but they should be able to tell me by now: 1) why I haven’t received It yet 2) what’s the current status of my order 3) what are they doing to make sure I get my game as soon as possible. They’re 0/3 on that information.

Have I been fooled ? Posted on [02/06/2020] à 12:45

Quote from Nostradunwhich on [02/06/2020] à 04:55

DPG can be bad about getting back to people in a timely manner some times,

This is an epic level understatement.

Have I been fooled ? Posted on [09/06/2020] à 17:34

So… got tired of waiting and decided to investigate myself. Contacted the company responsible for delivering the KS to canadian backers and got an answer. They did not receive enough games from DPG to fulfill all pledges. Apparently they were missing pledges for 3 canadian backers.

Interesting part is DPG have been aware of the situation since late February or early March and apparently DPG were reminded of the situation again on May 25 by the distributor… The distributor said at this point, it’s simply up to DPG to go ahead and ship me a game directly.

Now this question is to all you DPG fans defending DPG when a backer like me complains… How do you explain DPG knowing exactly what the problem is and how to fix it for a few months now and not informing us of the situation and not doing anything about it ?

Have I been fooled ? Posted on [10/06/2020] à 00:05

It's not a matter of defending DPG. It's a matter of working with the information at hand.

For the most part, I've had positive interactions with the company. I also think they produce a high-quality product. I ALSO know that if I back one of their Kickstarters or place a preorder, I will be waiting an awful long time for it. ALSO, as a Yankee, ordering through DPG's chosen online purchase facilitators is a nail-biter.

You have the absolute right to make your own decisions. I fully support you in that right. I, meanwhile, will make my own decisions. And my decision is to accept the risk and keep on buying and playing DPG products.

P.S. My condolences on the passing of Neil Peart. He was one of the greatest drummers (and songwriters) of the past fifty years.

Have I been fooled ? Posted on [10/06/2020] à 00:24

if everything you say is true, I understand that you are angry, and that is certainly right. communication from DPG is indeed sometimes very poor, although I usually received an answer to my questions by email within two days. the kickstarter heroes of stalingrad also took a long time for me, and then I started to doubt. luckily my package came just before the corona crises. I don't know what went wrong with you, I hope you still get your version. I believe that in the end they will do their best for everyone, although the way (no communication) is very unfortunate.

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Have I been fooled ? Posted on [10/06/2020] à 03:15

Just an update.

Disappointed it took this much effort to get a clear answer, but I did end up getting an answer from someone in DPG. It was a very clear and detailed update on the situation and was very much appreciated on my part. So thought I would also share this bit of positive.

Hopefully they follow up on what I was told and I can finally put this frustration to rest. I will post back to let people know how it turned out. Hopefully it will end on a positive note.

Have I been fooled ? Posted on [10/06/2020] à 07:55

nice to hear now fingers crossed.

Zijn er ook nerderlandse spelers onder ons? Omgeving nijmegen, uden, enz.

Have I been fooled ? Posted on [30/06/2020] à 17:39

Seems, i'm one of the other 3 Canadian backers.

I did the same, following up with the Canadian distributor when my shipping label never updated. (I posted a bunch of updates in the "Where is Heroes of Stalingrad thread..)

Last time i received a message from Yann from DPG was on May 22nd, saying that they try to figure out where my package went and if they can't retrieve it, send another one.

I've tried followed up last week after a month has passed to see if they came to a conclusion on how to move forward, but so far no word on it.

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