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Solo playing
Solo playing Posted on [31/05/2020] à 09:13

Hi all,

Since I first played my first HoN game the last December, I know I lated to meet the Heroes system, I only played once with opponent, all the others were solo.

I’m not complain,I had a lot of fan, enough tactic and somehow the tension sometimes went to extreme even playing both sides.

The only thing that I modified playing both sides was the hidden giving orders system, eg, for both sides I assign the orders looking the inactive sides, stars. Then I flip all the order tokens, both sides and by the initiative the sides operate. I also let in the game the bluff tokens, great surprise to see whereat last arranged.

Well, so far glad, my only subject is the cards. I still give four cards to each side, open and try to play the best in every round for every side. The most times I forgot to play cards, battlefield absorbs me, then again I decided to give only two cards or the other time I said that at the start of each unit’s round it must first draw a card being lucky to be a worthy event and etc. Maybe it was a good move to remove the cards from my battles, but I always liked cards inside my games.

Really appreciated to hear your views, or the way you might play solo, whoever……


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