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Throwing Grenades
Throwing Grenades Posted on [25/05/2020] à 13:30

Hi all,

Where do you start counting when you work out how far you can throw grenades?

Grenades have range 2 interspaces. Do the 4 interspaces around the active tile count as distance 1 (i.e. starting from the tile centre), or do they count as distance 0 and you count out 2 interspaces from there?

Just putting together another tutorial and want to get my diagrams and interspace counting explanation accurate 🙂


Throwing Grenades Posted on [25/05/2020] à 13:34

The four interspaces around the unit don't count, there's an illustration on page 25 of the rules which shows the counting rule.

☠☠☠ Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

Throwing Grenades Posted on [25/05/2020] à 23:38

Hi Bart,

Thanks. I was sure I had seen it somewhere, just not in the section on template weapons where I was looking for it.


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