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How do theses Heroes/Abilities apply
How do theses Heroes/Abilities apply Posted on [22/04/2020] à 01:48

A lot of questions about the abilities these units give.

Colin&Winny/Pask/Pepper: These are increasing the units activation value to automatic, correct?

Bronson: Allows that unit to move diagonally when Forced Marching?

Commandos Kieffer: What is that blue symbol please?

Edit: Mobile: can always move diagonally; Found this one in "the Road to Caen"

Medical Battalion: How can it heal an artillery unit when artillery units only have 1 hit point? Same problem with many Infantry: one hit and gone before the medics can possibly help.

Recon Company/Pathfinders: Are these 2 versions of the same Reconnaissance ability?

Glider: Which units gain a directive by staying put during their activation: the Glider? Units activating around it? Both?

Friedrich/Percy/Luckman: I'm assuming these can only effect the unit they are attached to, not units around them… but then, maybe they do effect others?

Colonel Dwyer: Units around him automatically activate when given a GO!, I think?…

Which brings me back to Colin&Winny, Pask, and Peppers ability; like Dwyer, do they allow units around them to auto activate, too? If so, does Emil Priekschat similarly help units around him?

Bronson (I like that)? Zucher (ouch!)? Marvin, Siegfried, and Sir Binus? Friedrich, Percy, and Luckman? All these characters abilities have similar backing colour schemes, so are they likewise helping units around them?


Camouflage/Snow Camo/Foresters: I hope there's something I haven't gleaned about being hidden, because I don't see these cards having much purpose other than to get that 'hidden' save. Which makes the 'Foresters' card redundant; being in the forest they already had that save.


Thanks for any help here.

Your man in the trenches…

edit: Apparently, your man left alone in the trenches… yeesh.

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