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Should I get into "Heroes of Normandie" or "Memoir '44"?
Should I get into "Heroes of Normandie" or "Memoir '44"? Posted on [28/03/2020] à 07:45

I played Memoir, and I liked it. I think it was a bit too simple but I like all the expandability and sheer "good" mechanics. I enjoyed the Eurogame feel , and the fact that it has a short playtime.

The customization – almost to minis game levels – of Heroes appeals to me with the also-short playtime, but the high customization and good components – to me, more attractive than Memoir – is what got me.

Should I get into "Heroes of Normandie" or "Memoir '44"? Posted on [28/03/2020] à 12:37

Well, it probably depends on what you like more. I begun with Memoir '44 and when a friend suggested to me HoN I did consider buying it but in the end decided to stick to Memoir '44.

Still as I like the system and there are other product lines I bought Heroes of Black Reach (I am player of WH40K but do not have anymore time to paint miniatures) getting the complete range available and am keenly awaiting Heroes of Valedor.

As a matter of fact I also ordered Shadows over Normandie and some regular WW2 units to try to proxy the Imperial Guard of WH40K.

Basically both systems are fun and easy enough to play, the main difference is one of scale. In Memoir single units do usually range from battalion-size to division -size and you will end up commanding something between a brigade and an army corps in most battles (there are exceptions, but this is the norm).

In HoN you will command about a company or so, possibly a couple of platoons or squads depending on the scenario. Each unit will range from a single leader to a section of 5 soldiers or so.


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Should I get into "Heroes of Normandie" or "Memoir '44"? Posted on [30/03/2020] à 13:53

I’m a massive Memoir 44 fan and have most of the expansions.

However, HON scratches a different each for me. It’s more of a miniatures game, with heroes and a varied gameplay.

I find them both enjoyable for different reasons and am glad they are both in my collection.


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Should I get into "Heroes of Normandie" or "Memoir '44"? Posted on [30/03/2020] à 14:17

I have and adore HoN and in my opinion it plays, as Comicbook Hero already said, like a (skirmish) miniatures game.

Still, I recently bought The Great War, the WW1 version of Commands & Colors (C&C) system Memoir 44 already uses. Both the Heroes System and C&C are fine systems, yet very different. The scale level is the biggest differentiator.

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Should I get into "Heroes of Normandie" or "Memoir '44"? Posted on [30/03/2020] à 22:56

I have both. Like Bart and Comicbook hero say, its a different itch these games scratch.

Memoire is a bit less intensive. Feels more like a boardgame. Heroes plays like a (miniatures) wargame. I used to play warhammer (when I was 16) but that lost my interest. The rules changed for worse and I didnt' have anyone to play it with. I find Heroes of Normandie really feels like playing Warhammer. It even has customizing your armies in there ^_^

Should I get into "Heroes of Normandie" or "Memoir '44"? Posted on [01/04/2020] à 23:53

I have most of memoir expansions and managed to play most of scenarios.Funny game, overlord best expansion by my opinion.

As the comrades said Hon is looking and plays as miniature game and this is attracted me at first.

I’m a tabletop miniature wargamer too, I play only WWII skirmish battles and this is the scale hos moves.

Besides, a great colorful clean counter is better from a pack of toy soldiers.. The same happens on Conflict of heroes.

Figures matches better on a 3D terrain, no reason to place them on a piece of cardboard, when all the rest environment is flat paper counters.

The difference in scale indeed is high.

Many expansions and campaign packs both.

Go to Hos for ww2 and command and colors ancients, better choice.

Should I get into "Heroes of Normandie" or "Memoir '44"? Posted on [02/05/2020] à 03:47

Memoir is more of a "WW2 boardgame", where Heroes is really just a "WW2 miniatures game without the miniatures".

If things like transporting infantry in vehicles, having it matter whether it's the side or the rear of a tank you are attacking because it's armor is different across those facings, having squads of infantry fight each other inside of buildings, and even destroying those buildings with tanks appeals to you, the Heroes is definitely the game to get into over Memoir.

I play well over a dozen different miniatures wargames, and find the mechanics of Heroes to be every bit as fun (or in some ways better) than those games – especially when the expansions are taken into account. The only way those games reliably win over HoN is that I also love to paint miniatures.

Should I get into "Heroes of Normandie" or "Memoir '44"? Posted on [02/05/2020] à 07:38

I also have both, and love them both. I originally started with Memoir and decided to try HON later. Memoir is great for the larger scoped battles and I feel it has an attention to detail on the history. It also has a ridiculous number of scenarios to choose from. I also used to play a lot of miniatures games, but life prevents me from having the kind of time I would need to dedicate to painting. HON gives me that same feel I had when I played miniatures games. I always come out of the game with a story.

All of that said….I would suggest you get the one that you could get to the table more often.

Should I get into "Heroes of Normandie" or "Memoir '44"? Posted on [02/05/2020] à 08:47

First of all, I have to admit some bias. I was on the team that licensed Tide of Iron from FFG and created the Stalingrad campaign expansion and "Next Wave" versions of both the Core Set and Days of the Fox. We were direct competitors with Memoir '44 both in historical period, figure scale, and hex size. At cons, I would get asked about the differences between the two games frequently.

My main problem with Memoir '44 is that its main rules engine was based on the Command and Colors system, which itself was created for medieval and ancient warfare. TOI was built from the ground up for WWII combat. (I have nothing against C&C itself, since I own both the Napoleonic and Battle Lore versions.)

In this case, HoN was similarly designed from the ground up to provide a specific experience, which it does amazingly well. If you want a system where you get attached to your units and like to create narratives with your games, HoN is definitely a better choice.

(Also, recently Asmodee announced that they are no longer committed to directly supporting their customers.)

Should I get into "Heroes of Normandie" or "Memoir '44"? Posted on [03/05/2020] à 08:46

Although the OP was disguised spam, the discussion was interesting enough to preserve.

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Should I get into "Heroes of Normandie" or "Memoir '44"? Posted on [04/05/2020] à 22:34

I agree with proudgeek159.

I currently own everything for C&C Ancients, most of Battlelore 1&2 and some C&C Napoleonics but I sold Memoir '44. For me the C&C system just doesn't feel right for a WW2 game.

Interestingly I've also owned ToI and sold that on as well. By that time I had HoN and I just couldn't justify room for both on my shelf. I thought ToI did a better job than Memoir '44 but not as fun as HoN.

I can see that C&C would work for WW1 where movement options were still more restricted than they would be in the following conflicts.

I guess it's up to what you enjoy but for me the good bits of Memoir '44 all worked so much better for Ancients that it was an easy choice.

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