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Help with order requested
Help with order requested Posted on [20/03/2020] à 22:30

Dear Devil Pig Games,

I'd like to ask for your help in changing Billing Order in the invoice for my last order. I have posted several messages via Contact option and adding message to my last Order as well, but so far no one responded.

Additionaly I'd like to know how I can correct my Billing Address in my account. I'd like to place yet another order, but cannot do that since my invoice will not be issued correctly.

Can anyone help me with both of the above. I'd appreciate your help here. Thanks!




Help with order requested Posted on [21/03/2020] à 20:33

If you have used the Contact link under Order Issue, then you have done what you need to do. You will not get an auto-response from the system to let you know your submission has been accepted, that does not mean your email has not been received. Sending duplicates will not get things resolved any faster.

When did you submit your order?

Did you check under SHOP > MY ORDERS to see the status of your order? If your order has not been shipped or closed, then you can change your Shipping address. Is that what you are concerned about, or is it actually your Billing address?

If your order has already been shipped, then I am not sure what options exist, and that may well depend on where you live. I am not very versed in international postal procedures 🙂

You can edit your general address using the Account Parameters link. It is in the top-most menu button bar, to the right of your avatar (the little figure "bust"). It links to here: https://www.devil-pig-games.com/en/compte/

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Help with order requested Posted on [22/03/2020] à 12:42


Many thanks for your reaction! Let me explain my situation:

1. My order is already shipped, I believe it should reach me next week, so no issue here.

2. However, since I could not find a place to change billing address I asked for that in the message attached to the order. Unfortunately the invoice was issued on old (i.e. wrong) billing address.

3. I have seen the possibility in Account Parameters. The point is it does not give me a possibility to put company VAT number, which is essential for the invoice to be accepted by accounting.

4. Additionally I'd like to place yet another order, but I am stuck with this issue with wrong billing address. If I place it now, the invoice will most probably be issued to wrong address again (and obviously it will not be accepted by accounting).

5. That is why I am urgently seeking the possibility to change my billing address on the account, so all next orders will have appropriate invoices.

Please advise. And many thanks for your help so far!




Help with order requested Posted on [23/03/2020] à 20:05

Rafal, if you have questions about shipping I can give some advices because of my experience. Write to me some private mesaages if you want. My Rafały musimy trzymać się razem 🙂

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