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Compendium VS Hos rulebook
Compendium VS Hos rulebook Posted on [19/03/2020] à 21:20

Today I received the compendium.

Two weeks before I received the Hos along with the Stalingrand Battlegrounds.

I had started to read the Hos ruleset and almost done.

Wanted to ask, are there differences between them, which one is the most update, if any?

Compendium VS Hos rulebook Posted on [19/03/2020] à 21:38

They’re technically the same and are both as what’s referred to as the ‘2.0 ruleset’.

A few clarifications were fine tuned a bit more in the HoS rulebook. But it are all minor tweaks.

The HoS rule books explain mechanics that were introduced yet when the Compendium was written. Like the Offset Grid and Multi-part Buildings.

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Compendium VS Hos rulebook Posted on [20/03/2020] à 08:19

Very thanks

Compendium VS Hos rulebook Posted on [10/05/2020] à 05:49

I have just realized there is a difference between the Compendium and the HoS rulebook — multi-room buildings.

The Compendium uses the same model that existed in the Carentan and St. Mere Eglise scenario packs. Multi-room buildings are divided into different rooms by the red wall markings. Doorways between rooms are indicated just as they are in real life, as gaps in the walls.

In HoS, that definition was expanded to meet the HoS buildings, where doorways between rooms are identified by a set of blue arrows.

The building tiles are usable interchangeably, but the doorways should be taken into account in either case.

One thing that is missing from the HoS rulebook that is explicitly covered in the Compendium rules is that fact that when drawing LoS within a building (from one room to another), if the target is in a different room they gain the building's defense bonus.

This is certainly in keeping with how individual rooms are treated for purposes of grenade blasts or flame templates, and the basic rules that any unit inside a building gets the defense bonus unless the shooter is also in the building. Since each room is treated separately, that could easily be seen as "in the room" as well.

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