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2020 and beyond
2020 and beyond Posted on [17/02/2020] à 00:11


I am a longtime fan of DPG, and Heroes of Normandie is my favorite ww2 game. I was curious if there are any known plans for P500 campaigns this year? I would love to get my hands on some of the gaps in my collection (Scenario packs, storage boxes, roads and rails, etc…). I know there were plans for a v2 core box with new units and updated game materials. Is that still in the works? Would it be a kickstarter or just directly released? I want to contribute to the future of one of my favorite games and I hope that it will be able to expand into North Africa and the Pacific some day.

2020 and beyond Posted on [17/02/2020] à 00:58

Did you look around? A number of expansions are still available.

Roads and Rails – https://www.devil-pig-games.com/en/product/battleground-set-3-3/

Depending on what you are looking for, you may find it in different places.

– HoS delivery is a priority right now.

– P500 from 2019 delivery is next

– HoN 2.0 will likely be next.

– Everything else after.

With the way things are going, you may not see anything new until 2021.

Happy HoN player in Toronto.

2020 and beyond Posted on [17/02/2020] à 05:04

For now I think DPG is still working on delivering the remainder of last years outstanding product, and are working on an update of one other. That is currently consuming all of their cycles at the moment.

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2020 and beyond Posted on [17/02/2020] à 07:57

I can definitely understand that. I just hope that they know that there are people who appreciate their creativity and hard work. I picked up gazette 8, the core box storage, civilians under fire and wittmans tigers from Iello. Shipping from france is pretty steep so I will have to content myself with getting what I can in the US. In the meantime, I will be trying to figure how to put together some of the print and play files like south lancashire.

2020 and beyond Posted on [17/02/2020] à 11:42

Take a look here


Happy HoN player in Toronto.

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