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Fan made IG
Fan made IG Posted on [26/07/2020] à 16:38

What I am trying to say : Sisters of Battle are in 40K just 'light' Space Marines. They also have Tactical (Battle Squad), Assault (Zephirym) and Devastator (Retributor) Squads and their composition is almost identical except for fewer choices in special and heavy weapons.

But, as always, they are your creation so please make them as you like them best 😀

I am sorry … Because I did not understand the orientation.

You passed the right orientation, it was a lack of attention on my part.

I adjusted the squad and put a sister leader in the squad.

I removed the jump pack, because his explanation of the three squads: Tactical (Battle Squad), Assault (Zephirym) and Devastator (Retributor) Squads, lit up my mind to finish this fan pack sisters.

For Penitent Engines I will adjust with Dreadnought.

Fan made IG Posted on [29/07/2020] à 14:10

(Excuse my poor level in English)

I’ve been waiting for a fanmade page for so long, that’s amazing ^^

And I’m really impressed by what you’ve done. I’m currently working on two Xenos forces, the Necrons and the Eldars. Due to the really strange playstyle of both of them, i’m kinda worried about balances issues. And I have absolutely no skill concerning the actual creation of tokens or recrutement tiles like the ones you did for the sisters, I’m only doing stats and gameplay.

Anyway, i’ll put what I’ve done on a drive or something so y’all can see it and tell me what you think (and maybe test it ^^).

Fan made IG Posted on [02/08/2020] à 15:16

Work successfully completed. I finished creating the Battle Sisters and tested them in game with a friend.

The fact that a straight hit ended them, the potential of faith tokens and armor save 5+ guaranteed me a good and fun game.

For those who are going to play with them, here are my thanks, I wish them fervent fun.

Now I'm making the Necrons for a friend and eld them for his wife, then we'll make a video of the match.

The rules I created for the devoted Faith is that if you choose the upgrade you start the game with 3 faith tokens of your choice.

otherwise, you start the turn with 1 random faith token.

The battle sisters worked well as a single squad and the potential with the tactical squad vorolanus was unparalleled.

Fan made IG Posted on [07/08/2020] à 14:21

Can you post a high res image for me to print out and use?


Fan made IG Posted on [07/08/2020] à 23:42

Quote from kenofyork on [07/08/2020] à 14:21

Can you post a high res image for me to print out and use?



Here the complete file link, so you can modify it according to your printer!

I hope you have fun! And also create squads for fans

Fan made IG Posted on [12/11/2020] à 02:25

Is this project still alive? If so, would you please renew the link? Id love to print these out!

Robert Campbell

Fan made IG Posted on [05/05/2021] à 05:58

I had to suspend the project of the battle sisters because I suffered a little from the pandemic.

I am now well recovered to return to the project for new factions.

Fan made IG Posted on [05/05/2021] à 08:07

I am glad to hear you have recovered. Good luck with the work 🙂

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