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Fan made IG
Fan made content Posted on [24/01/2020] à 20:55

Do I need permission to post fan made content?

I plan to make Steel Legion tokens. This would make it possible to play out Armegeddon battles against the orks.

Mostly using existing units and points and swapping out some artwork and names.

I have started to lose hope that I will see an official version of the IG.

Fan made content Posted on [03/04/2020] à 17:56

Well I managed to bribe my nephew to begin work on the IG faction for 40K.

I shipped him a complete HoS kick starter and am sending him a Heroes of Black Reach starter box with both reinforcements.

The goal is to create a printable fan made version. I have downloaded scores of top down artwork and sent it to him.

He has links to reference material for the IG and some tips on what to make.

The plan is to use the stats and points of existing units and swap artwork. Some of the Ork battlewagons could be Lehman Russ tanks that were looted.

The sentinel could be a killkan for example.

The super heavy tanks will be a challenge because there is little to base them on at the moment.

Since no one answered the question in the OP I will share them on BGG when finished and provide links on here until warned away. This is a free fan made content to get you by until DPG someday makes the guard and chaos.

I would really appreciate any tips on things.

I also sent him artwork for Chaos marines.

I think the only main thing I would change is to give the Khorne types better close combat and shorter range from pistols.

Fan made content Posted on [03/04/2020] à 20:35

I have had more or less the same thought. I wanted to poxy the Imperial guard with HoN or HoS units. As my order has not arrived yet (due most likely early next week) I did not have a chance to playtest this option.

Still, I gave some thought to what the Imperial Guard should look like. The Space Marines are much better in every way and the Orks a little worse but tougher.

Tactical Space Marines are M3 +3/+2/+0 Def 5 melee +1, Tactical Guardsman could be M3 +2/+1/X Def 4 melee +0, not much different from a fire team from HoN. Storm Troopers should be better perhaps +3/+2/X Def 5? Perhaps elite fire teams could be used to proxy them.

As far as organization is concerned you should have a platoon template with one Lieutenant and a command squad (it could be made of 2 special weapon teams or 1 special and one heavy weapon team) and a few fire teams. You should be able to add squads made of one fire team inclusive of a sergeant and one special and one heavy weapon team.

For the special and heavy weapons you could use the normal HoN teams or use the fire values of the Space Marines teams on a guard fire team profile e.g. Guard Missile Launcher M3 +2/+4/+4 Def 4melee none.

For tanks the Leman Russ is slightly less armoured than a Landraider, basically it has the same front armour, but slightly weaker armour on flanks and rear (so no all-round armour benefit), Weapon complement can be extrapolated from other tanks too. It has a Battlecanon (area weapon), lascannon, can be copied from other lascannons and 2 heavy bolters (data is there).

Otherwise you could just used HoN units.

Germans could become Steel Legions of Armageddon, Soviet Russians would be Valhallans and so on.

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