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Stalingrad Cinematic Trailer
Heroes of Stalingrad Cinematic Trailer Posted on [08/12/2019] à 05:53

The 321th Siberian. with English subtitles

Their weapon – brotherhood. Their goal is to win.


"The Russian power will grow Siberia" – these words of M. V. Lomonosov proved largely prophetic. 1942. Confident in his impending victory, German troops conduct a rapid advance on Stalingrad. But suddenly they are faced with fierce resistance of the Red Army soldiers, including fighting division, recently arrived from a distant unknown Siberia.

A group of soldiers-Siberians under the command of a Junior political instructor Odon sambueva engages in battle with elite units of the Wehrmacht, three times superior. The soldiers fall into the dense enemy ring. Somewhere near Odon seeks out his older brother, who made a promise to the father to bring the youngest home safely, come what may.


Happy HoN player in Toronto.

Heroes of Stalingrad Cinematic Trailer Posted on [08/12/2019] à 08:18

Wow, that gave me chills to watch. My next games of HoS will be more vivid in my mind. Thanks for sharing slyfox!

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