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Why do some characters have options with white stripes?
Why do some characters have options with white stripes? Posted on [23/11/2019] à 19:44

If you only have the core box and did not get the Battle Pack, then you will have some characters that have recruitment slots with white stripes on one or both sides.

Those are Customization options. While there are not any available in the core box for Heroes of Stalingrad, there are such options in various expansions.

Here are the rules:

Customization Options

A Customization is a special recruitment option that can only be used by characters. They can be support, gear, or character traits. If the customization gives makers (such as grenades), their use is limited to the number of markers.

Customizations that give one or more markers can benefit any unit in your army if the option is on a Command Tile.

Special Abilities

Some customizations simply gift the character with a new special ability. That ability is considered to be printed on the character's counter and is lost if the unit is Destroyed. Such an ability cannot be used during an Alternate Firing Action.

Ranged Weapons

These customizations provide an Alternate Firing Action. Some also grant special abilities that are available only when making the Alternate Firing Action.

Melee Weapons

If a weapon grants the Assault special ability, it replaces the character's usual weapon (Assault ability) if the option's bonus is higher. Any other special abilities on a weapon add to the character's existing abilities.

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