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Armor Save and Suppression
Armor Save and Suppression Posted on [08/07/2019] à 03:41

In the rule book it says you receive a -2 penalty to all rolls for each suppression token. Does that include armor saves? It wouldn't seem to make sense that your armor gets worse while cowering under fire, but reading the rules as written it would seem like it is affected as well.

Armor Save and Suppression Posted on [08/07/2019] à 10:19

This is not for armor save. U te die attacking, shooting, waking, driving, defending when attackt.

Zijn er ook nerderlandse spelers onder ons? Omgeving nijmegen, uden, enz.

Armor Save and Suppression Posted on [08/07/2019] à 11:33

Page 5. Talks about suppression and movement value.

Page 7. Talks about suppressed units having no ZoC.

Page 9. Talks about a -2 penalty to all die rolls, including Fire Actions. (Emphasis mine.)

Page 19. Talks about suppression and assault and repeats the -2 to ALL the units die rolls. (ALL is in all caps in the rule book.)

Page 23. Repeats all the above, -2 to all of the unit's die rolls, -2 to movement value, no Zoc, cannot support in an assault, etc. (all is in bold in the rule book.)

Page 31. Glossary. Same as above.

An armor save is a die roll. All means all in all sense of the word. Now I don't think it is meant to apply to an armor save but as written it seems like it would.

Armor Save and Suppression Posted on [12/07/2019] à 13:52


They’ve left the building! : O

We’re never gonna get our Elves and ‘Nids, now. : (

Armor Save and Suppression Posted on [01/08/2019] à 00:26

Quote from Lewster55 on [28/07/2019] à 23:32

Suppression has no effect on your unit's defensive value.

There is a good definition of the effects of Suppression on page 8 of the Compendium. It only effects die rolls and movement.

Armor saves are unique to Heroes of Black Reach, and came out after the Compendium. HoBR you can use a card to use a character's armor save or invuln save, rolling a die and on the target or higher you ignore the wound. It isn't related to defensive values.

Armor Save and Suppression Posted on [01/08/2019] à 08:17

This has nothing to do with defensive value. Just reading the rules under suppression it says, " -2 to all of the unit's die rolls" in numerous sections of the HoBR rule book as I stated previously. An armor save is a die roll. So, by the rules the -2 for suppression should be applied as written.

Now, I don't think that should be the case, but as written in the rules the -2 should apply. Is this something that we should see corrected?

Armor Save and Suppression Posted on [02/08/2019] à 08:11

Maybe the question is "does armor save count as the units dice roll?". You trigger the save by discarding a card so could you argue its the discarded cards effect that is the source of roll? If so you wouldnt get the penalty.

Hard to say, but I agree that it sounds weird that ones armor becomes weaker because of being suppressed. Its a good question.

Edit: mulling over it a bit my thinking is that the armor save isnt an individual unit ability, but a "battalion" ability so the argument would be that its the battalion that does the roll? Maybe I am reaching here =p

Armor Save and Suppression Posted on [02/08/2019] à 11:21

I admit the rules are not clear about this.

It would be nice to get an official answer on this. :mrgreen:

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Armor Save and Suppression Posted on [03/08/2019] à 07:02

Page 20. Armor Save.

This special ability indicates that the unit is equipped with heavy protective gear. It allows the unit to attempt to ignore any hit it suffers…

blah blah blah

To attempt an armor save, roll 1 die…

It indicates the armor save is present on the recruitment tile, but I still don't see how that would matter as written.

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