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Alternative campaign ideas
Alternative campaign ideas Posted on [25/05/2019] à 03:48

Just wondering if anyone has thought about putting together an alternative campaign or small set of linked scenarios for black reach? If not does anyone have any suggestions for cool scenarios or story arcs that could form the basis of a campaign series?

For example I like the idea of branching scenarios based on who wins with corresponding rewards and the potential for characters to change and improve in some way over the campaign. So maybe gain an extra ability or make some gear or units cheaper. Something like the way the campaigns are done in Imperial Assault or the campaign books in Memoir 44 would be very cool.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


Alternative campaign ideas Posted on [25/05/2019] à 12:23

Just last night I clicked the downloads section on HoBR hoping to see some scenarios to download. No luck.

As a fan of your videos I actually was wondering if you might someday create some new scenarios, and this morning here you are thinking about that same thing!

My suggestion would be to research a real world situation and change it to 40K with similar forces/goals/objectives.

My personal project is Heroes of Armegeddon. Using Stalingrad as an example and substituting Orks and Guard as the opposing armies.

Other ideas to think about-

There was a battle in Vietnam featuring the 1st Cav that is portrayed in the movie "We Were Soldiers". (battle were called La Drang valley I think) Troops arrive by air in to a hot landing zone and fight for over a day to survive intense attacks. These type of battles have a lot in common, regardless if it is Anzio or the air assault on Crete. A small elite force is used to seize a location. Maybe a bridge or beach head or landing zone. They are initially heavily outnumbered and face attacks. If they can continue to hold out they will keep getting reinforced and their landing zone will grow and become secure.

On the other hand, the defending force has to crush the beach head/ landings as fast as possible because the balance of power will eventually shift as the landing force grows.

It is a decent set up for a short campaign with relatively small forces that often has huge implications for a broader area of operations.

In the case of that Vietnam battle, I think I read somewhere that the actual battlefield was only about the size of a football field.

Market Garden was a similar focused battle with huge implications if it worked.

Just some thoughts. I will keep an eye out for your projects!

Edit: Just an afterthought about these types of battles. One side is attacking- the elite force grabbing the objective. Then the roles are switched as the defender gathers whatever forces it can muster to try to stamp out the landing. If this fails the rolls are reversed again as the landing gains power and eventually breaks out. So both sides get to attack and defend.

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