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Stalingrad (2013)
Stalingrad (2013) Posted on [11/05/2019] à 19:57

"In the present day, a Russian rescue team is saving lives in Japan after a tsunami. They find survivors and their leader calms a youngster down by telling the story of his five fathers. In 1942, a group of Russian soldiers holds a strategic building in Stalingrad against the German troops to protect the Volga River for the crossing of their comrades.

They meet the seventeen year-old teenager Katya and she becomes the pride and joy of the band. Meqnshile, the German Captan Koln falls in love with the Russian Masha, who resembles his deceased wife. But love in time of war may be tragic."

While this movie has been criticized for being more of a romance story rather than a battle story, it is still worth watching.

Happy HoN player in Toronto.

Stalingrad (2013) Posted on [11/05/2019] à 21:20

Yes this is olso a good movie.

Zijn er ook nerderlandse spelers onder ons? Omgeving nijmegen, uden, enz.

Stalingrad (2013) Posted on [19/12/2019] à 02:05

Updated links.

Happy HoN player in Toronto.

Stalingrad (2013) Posted on [28/04/2022] à 18:48

Ce film est incroyable, un vrai succès !! 🙂

Je m’appelle Roman et je suis un grand fan de world war II !

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