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Battle Reports
Battle Reports Posted on [21/05/2019] à 23:50

Awesome feedback – thanks. Will be sure to double check the rules of any units I haven't tried before or haven't used for a while.

Next time I am going to try the following changes for scenario 6:

1. Use a fixed image for each of the army discussions, with overlays to highlight key bits

2. Use fixed top down images for the order phase and the supply phase with overlays where necessary to show what has moved, etc.

3. For the activation phase I now have a way of mounting my camera in a fixed position, so I should be able to position it then discuss the action at that location, which should result in less camera movement and shake overall. I might still do the occasional hand held shot, but try to keep them to a minimum.

Hopefully that should make things clearer, while still retaining a sense of being there and playing the game.

Battle Reports Posted on [22/05/2019] à 03:55

That sounds terrific, although a lot of extra work for you. I feel guilty now although I am sure it will look great.

Hand-held shots for the board worked fine. I like the way you staged the rolls and then panned to the values, it was great. I had suggested the army lists section be still because it is easier to see the icons and the numbers. The rest of it was fine as it was. Still, holding the camera still with a fixed stand may make it easier for you to deal with the board to explain a turn, I suppose.

Thank you very much for all the hard work you were putting into these reports, they will certainly be valuable for players to understand how to play.

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Battle Reports Posted on [22/05/2019] à 11:07

Please don't feel guilty. I do genuinely appreciate your feedback and making these videos is really fun. Besides, the better the videos are the more it shows off how awesome this game and game system are. So I am keen to keep evolving them 😀

Battle Reports Posted on [22/05/2019] à 17:24

Great job GeeTee. Thank you for making these. I found the ZoC tutorial especially helpful for teaching the game to my wife. I am new to HSTS and they have been a great intro to the system.

Timothy Walsh

Battle Reports Posted on [08/06/2019] à 11:10

I have posted my next battle report.

Scenario 6 – Face Your Fate!


I tried a few new things, including some of the suggestions from Nostradunwich. All feedback welcome. Thanks.

Battle Reports Posted on [09/06/2019] à 07:33

The videos continue to get better and better.

I commented over on BGG, but will repeat them here.

Only one rules issue.

Extra Armor grants a bonus to the Defense Value of the unit. That term refers to the target number needed to hit the vehicle in a Firing Action. It does not apply to Assault. The Assault rules allow the defender to gain the benefit of the Defense Bonus from a Terrain element, but the reference to "Special Abilities, Action Cards, Recruitment Options, etc." would be referring to those that grant Assault bonuses, not Defense Bonuses. I can see where the mistake came from, it is certainly understandable.

A couple of tactics comments

1) Suggestion: If the Razorback had driven over the Warboss when he was standing in the Terrain element near the front of the destroyed War Wagon on turn 5 or 6, they would have forced the Warboss to move to leave the terrain element, and possibly to have been destroyed if the Marines were in the right place. If not, he would have taken one more Suppressed marker. For that matter, the Razorback's secondary weapon could have fired to Suppress the time the Warboss had 2 Suppressed tokens to potentially give him a 3rd one (especially if he had been pushed out of the terrain element with a Defense bonus), that would have really helped with the assaults on the Warboss.

2) Suggestion: The Orks were firing at the Plasma cannon that had already acted instead of taking shots at the Marines who had not yet gone… a lucky shot could have eliminated (or at least wounded) a Marine unit before it got to act, which would have helped keep the Warboss safe.

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Battle Reports Posted on [10/06/2019] à 04:42

That was the best one yet! Thanks for posting these. What scenarios are you going to do next?

Battle Reports Posted on [10/06/2019] à 05:16

Thanks pixelgeek!

The plan is to keep going with the scenarios provided with the game, then to do the 2 in the expansion (whichever I end up using, which will be based on who wins the 8th scenario).

If I'm not burnt out after all that :), then I was thinking maybe some 'Free Battle Mode' custom scenarios, or I had an idea to combine the tactical cards used in 40K games with Black Reach to make battle reports similar to the kind of things you see done by 'Winters SEO' and other 40K YouTube channels.

Battle Reports Posted on [31/07/2019] à 01:40

I have posted my next battle report.

Scenario 7 – Thunder!


Battle Reports Posted on [09/08/2019] à 19:49

You did not do the destruction of the truck wreck quite right. The template has the Destruction ability, but that lets you roll a number of dice to possibly do damage to the structure.

Destruction (p. 15): To determine if the Structure takes Damage, roll the number of dice indicated on the Special Ability symbol. Each result of 4 or higher adds 1 Destruction Point to the Structure…If the total Destruction Points on the Structure now equals or exceeds the value of the Structure, it is Destroyed.

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Battle Reports Posted on [10/08/2019] à 08:54

Thanks for spotting that issue. Maybe by the end of the series I'll manage to get all the rules correct 😉

Battle Reports Posted on [22/09/2019] à 23:08

I have posted my next battle report.

Scenario 8 – No More Mystery!


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