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When will HoNTCG be available?
When will HoNTCG be available? Posted on [26/04/2019] à 19:22

Quote from MickMountain on [26/04/2019] à 09:28

Shit, I hate it, when they make me eat my words… 😯

To share the pain: there are copies of HON TcG available in the shop now 😈

You did not account for any materials reserved to cover shipping issues — once fulfillment is complete, any materials left can then be offered for sale 🙂

Hopefully DPG can return to the point where they have a lot of extras printed in order to offer for retail or web sales, but for now, it will have to stay this way.

The lesson to learn is if you want something, get in on the initial order.

I understand and sympathize with your initial hesitation, but you either gamble on getting something you may not like that much or gambling that if you do like it it will be difficult to get some of the other materials. I suppose the deciding factor is how much of a completionist are you? 😈

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When will HoNTCG be available? Posted on [28/04/2019] à 08:33

You realize, that my remark was done tounge in cheek Nostradunwhich, right? 😉 😀

That was not meant as a complaint.

Actually I am quite happy, that there were a few leftovers and I noticed them in the shop in time. Only my wallet is weeping.

As I originally mentioned in the beginning of the thread, I think the TCG is a pretty nice game and I regretted not to have participated in the original kickstarter, after I tried the game.

So, yes it is more expensive now for me to get the game, but by now I was willing and able to shell out the money for it, even though it was 80% more expensive for me in the end.

Again, let this be an indicator, what I think of the game, after having played it.

I am curious, if the Overlord+ package will be the same as the KS pledge, or if there are not all KS exclusives inside, but either way, I think you still receive a shitload of shiny in a big package.

Regarding the completionist question…

Well, guilty as charged, just take a look at my collection 😳

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