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Rule Clarification
Rule Clarification Posted on [18/02/2019] à 23:16

Well hello, I have a few questions I would like clarification on for the base game of Age of Towers.

1. The boss: once we docthe two damage and he gets flipped to the wounded side he moves faster. When we hit monsters/creatures on the wounded side they become captured. We don’t capture the boss, but when we hit him while he’s on the wounded side do we then flip him back to the healed side and/or move him back to the mine?

2. Hungry Monster Card: I don’t own the game, but trying to remember the wording best I can. “Choose a player. During their next dawn phase, a creature deals an additional damage when it invaded the city. Remove the card after it’s effects.” Again, go off the actual wording of the card; but does the card stay out (multiple turns even) until a monster invaded the players city? The wording “discard the card after its effects” reads that the effect is the extra damage dealt as a creature invaded the city. Well if a creature doesn’t invade the city on “the next dawn phase” does the card not work then and is discarded? There is another card or two with that phrase of “during the next ____ phase,…._____(this happens). Discard the card after its effects” which is the part to emphasize on? A. The Next ____ phase OR B. After its effects?

3. Trophies: we randomly draw four and have those face up. Are those the only four that can be achieved? Are the “end game” trophies also available for acquisition? If the trophy for destroying towers is not one of the four randomly drawn, then are the little circle tokens for destroying a town obsolete?

4. When a tower is destroyed: the player whose tower was destroyed gets a quest card. The active player during the day phase selects one of the three cards from the market. The player then activats the card selected card and resolves its action. The player then replenishes the market back to three cards. But what happens when the active player selects a card from the market and one of the available choices on the card is destroy a tower and the player chooses to destroy their own tower; would the active player replenish the market first or draw their quest for a destroyed tower?

5. When monsters/creatures invade your city: they stay on the small city tile. When you capture a monster/creature it goes on your city with the picture of the guard on it. When you have a card that lets you send/give/move/free etc (I don’t have the game and remember the correct terms and examples) do you move the monsters/creatures from the small city tile or the big city with the guard pictured or either?

6. Placing roads: This will be extremely difficult to explain over a typed message, but I’ll do my best. What can’t we do with roads? No loops or dead ends, but what about these: first road = ➕ (four directions), second and third roads = ➖ and you place them on the two opposite sides of the ➕ (➖➕➖) Can you place your city tile on any of the three available spots (✅➖➕➖✅) or just connected to that third placed tile (✅➖➕❌)?

✅ ❌

And can you add road tiles to any open road ex (already placed ➕➖➖➕➖➖) then add new roads (➕➖➖➕➖➖)




Rule Clarification Posted on [21/03/2019] à 15:02

Copied my response from BGG to here too

Better late than never, I suppose. 🙂

1. You only flip the boss once when your marker on the boss board reaches the third hit-point. You then keep it like that; the boss doesn't flip back to his healthy side on consecutive hits.

2. The wording is weird but the cards stays with you until its effects takes place. So once that 'additional damage' was done, you discard the card.

3. Only the trophies drawn at the beginning are active during a game. You return the other ones to the box; they have no effect.

4. When a tower is destroyed, you draw a Quest card from the top of the deck, not from the market row (that action is called 'Go to the market').

5. Sending/Freeing a monster is done with monsters on the City Board aka the ones you captured. The ones on your City Tile are the ones that invaded your city, you cannot use those.

Do road tiles have to be placed where the newly placed tile touches the previously placed tile?

6. YES! You should expand the road from the last played tile. And you should point to which side you will expand. You cannot look at the tile first and then decide where. You can only choose the rotation of the tile after you decided where it should go.

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Rule Clarification Posted on [13/01/2023] à 08:41

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