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HoN Buying Guide for SoN Players
HoN Buying Guide for SoN Players Posted on [31/12/2018] à 15:15

GDuprez wrote a nice Heroes of Normandie buying guide for Shadows over Normandie players and suggested me to translate it to English. Here you go!

I’ve been asked: ‘What to buy from the Heroes of Normandie product line to complete my Shadows over Normandie collection?’. This post is mainly aimed at those who already have the complete Shadows over Normandie line and who’d like to dig a bit deeper. I assume you already own the LEVEL UP expansion.

In order to satisfy the most committed fans, I voluntarily chose a wide selection of products (rather than a large one). If you want to prioritise, start with the products which are required for some SoN expansions.

Let’s start with mandatory HoN products to play (future) Shadows over Normandie expansions.

Cthulhu Mythos Call#3 (CMC#3, the Print & Play expansion with FFI and Black Sun units)

This product could join the official line of products in 2019. I’m actually finalising a three-scenario mini-campaign for this expansion. To play this campaign you’ll need:

• The Sainte-Mère-Église Scenario Pack. As a matter of fact, Shadows over Normandie is really missing Terrain Tiles with villages. I’ve chosen one of the three Scenario Packs of the HoN line to let you build town maps. Sainte-Mère-Église, with its church, seemed the best choice. Moreover, I already wrote a scenario for Shadows over Normandie using the US airborne. Further on you’ll see that more will follow.

• The single punchboard expansion SS-PANZERGRENADIERE. In the Cthulhu Mythos #3 expansion Heinrich Von Kamptz joins the ranks of the Black Sun with a new recruitment tile and some cool options. A new Character Trait and Order Option convert regular German units into Black Sun devotees. Let me remind you that Von Kamptz and the SS Panzergrenadiere share the same (black & white) coloured stripes as the Black Sun troops of the SoN core box. Time to mix and match!


Like I already explained in the topic about this upcoming expansion, you’ll need the following expansions:


• The CIVILIANS UNDER FIRE blister pack. When I take a look at the shear amount of SoN scenarios requiring the Civilians Under Fire expansion, I’d personally consider this product THE single most important expansion for Shadows over Normandie players. If you can only get one expansion, get this one!!

• The VENTURA AND SMUGGLERS. I think you’ll have more opportunities to make use of this expansion in the SoN range than in the HoN range.

Let’s now get to other useful products.

I recommend the 1ST SS PANZER DIVISION expansion. Thanks to conversion options available in CMC#3, you can now recruit even more German SS troops for the Black Sun faction. You’ll get a large diversity of available troops and cool heroes to enlist, especially if you already own the previously mentioned Panzergrenadiere expansion too.

For the Majestic faction you have two options. Complete the Rangers with the POINTE DU HOC expansion. The terrain tiles, the fire rules, the lighthouse and its guardian obviously find their place in SoN. Here again, this is practically a product of the SoN range. 😉

Modestly, the US RANGERS punchboard is a nice supplement, adding some more Ranger troopers.

If you prefer using Paratroopers over Rangers, especially if you followed my advice about the Sainte-Mère Eglise scenario pack, please complete your collection with the heroes PRIVATE BRYAN and obviously Clem, from the US AIRBORNE blister pack.

Personally, I like having a lot of variety when creating my battlefields: terrain clearly is an important factor when you’re telling a story. :mrgreen:

Radar Station and Factory

HoN Core Box Terrain Tiles. These are the terrain tiles of the Heroes of Normandie core box.

Fortified Farm

3 other recommended products are currently out of stock… but maybe not forever. 😉

• Battleground Set #2 – Harbor & Hills: for building excellent maps for the Deep Ones faction.

• Battleground Set #3 – Roads & Rails: this product, just like The Ventura expansion, seems easier to use in SoN than in HoN.

• Lord Lovat’s Commandos are a perfect starting force to expand the Section M faction.

Finally, if you would like to go even further…






New US & GE Units

I can’t guarantee not using these in official scenario’s, but I find these special units can get a spot in the SoN storyline.

☠☠☠ Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

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