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Order Tokens for 2 vs 3 players
Order Tokens for 2 vs 3 players Posted on [30/10/2018] à 04:44

Some scenarios in the Shadows over Normandie Core Box are playable with either 2 or 3 players. For example, Chapter 7: Pursuit.

When playing with 2 only players, does the "bad guy" player (Black Sun + Deep Ones) use both faction's order tokens? If not, how do you determine which faction's tokens to use (i.e. Black Sun or Deep Ones)?

Order Tokens for 2 vs 3 players? Posted on [02/03/2019] à 06:30

friendly bump

Order Tokens for 2 vs 3 players Posted on [27/05/2022] à 15:07

still not answered?

Order Tokens for 2 vs 3 players Posted on [28/05/2022] à 23:13

Sorry for not answer this back in the day, but I was not the SoN moderator and SoN is not really my interest. However, since the systems are mostly the same I can certainly answer this one.

The 2 player rules are right there in the scenario, just follow them.

Just use the Mythos and Deep One order tokens, as shown on the Initiative track. The rules for alternating Mythos activations with alternating Mythos factions only applies in a 3 player game, so ignore it.

It assumes the Mythos player will use one set of Initiative tokens (that is why it says "He can assign his Order tokens as he likes, even if they come from the Totem"). It suggests taking cards from both decks, since there are unique cards for each deck that power abilities of that faction. If most of one faction is eliminated, then you are free to only draw from the other deck.

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