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Make sure you read the news!
Make sure you read the news! Posted on [01/10/2018] à 07:43

Guillaume Duprez has posted a news article on the future of SoN, so if you have not ready it yet, go read the post! (Link)

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Make sure you read the news! Posted on [01/10/2018] à 09:40

I'm very curious about what Guillaume will come up with in the future! The past print & play punchboards and scenario's were awesome.

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Make sure you read the news! Posted on [01/10/2018] à 20:57

Normalement, thanks to moomer, you will have soin an english version of my last campagne : "in the trails of Nys-Leteph"

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Make sure you read the news! Posted on [02/10/2018] à 08:22

I actually ordered punchboards from Azao when The Black Sun version of Von Kamptz P&P came available… a bit costly, but I really wanted that and the assassin No666 as a proper punchboards. There is no substitute for a proper punchboard having tried my hands on just printing them myself and gluing them to extra punchboards first… with real messy and unsatisfactory results.

I'm afraid that if/when more SoN stuff appears as P&P I need to do that again. 😯

As much as I like the HoN stuff, the SoN stuff is even closer to my heart as I love the mixture of WW2 soldiers, investigators and Cthulhu monsters the SoN game contains.

So whatever is happening in SoN front, I will be closely following it.

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

Make sure you read the news! Posted on [03/10/2018] à 07:32

Is there a (updated) list somewhere of all the punchboards that you can order from Azao ? I would like to order some in the future but all the info seems to be scattered if even available.

Make sure you read the news! Posted on [03/10/2018] à 08:29

Here it is in French. I translated that post in English. Guillaume will post the translation soon.

Azao Product List (FRENCH)

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