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building monster stack
building monster stack Posted on [08/08/2018] à 12:32

Having played the game a few times now I have noticed that if a player randomly builds their monster stack and starts with two L3 creatures as the first pick they will really struggle in the game.

It is almost impossible to kill them before they hit your city (losing you the victory points) AND while you are trying, the other players are racing ahead killing red and blues and getting crystals.

It has happened to one or more players in all the games we have played so far and in every case the player found it impossible to recover from.

are we doing something wrong in the setup of the monster stack?

building monster stack Posted on [08/08/2018] à 21:33

Unfortunately, you have picked a bad time to ask your question… DPG is shut down for August and I have not yet received a copy of the game, so have no experience playing it. I am not sure when I can get you an answer.

Hopefully someone else can supply a fresh perspective, otherwise this will have to wait for a bit.

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building monster stack Posted on [09/08/2018] à 10:13

The discussions on BGG are increasing for Age of Towers so you might want to check there too. I'm also still waiting for my package to arrive. 🙂

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building monster stack Posted on [09/08/2018] à 22:24

It's a fun game so enjoy when your packages arrive 🙂

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