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SoN V1.0 Rules Clarifications
SoN v1.0 Rules Clarifications Posted on [30/06/2017] à 23:26

Herein are some clarifications and Errata on the SoN rules.

 :!: Indicates an Error

:?: Indicates a clarification

Assault (p. 7)

❓ There is a reference to Firing Arc rules on p. 7 , but there are, in fact, no Firing Arc rules included in the book. Nothing in the starter box has a firing arc.

Supply Phase (p. 9)

❗ End of Turn – Discard as many cards as you wish and THEN draw as many cards as described in the chosen scenario (or more if some bonus permits).

Madness (p. 10)

❓ Any time you are told to discard a Madness token, then you should return it to the madness bag.

Fear: If there are multiple units that all have the highest Terror value, then your opponent can choose which of his units will be the source of the Terror. This is important for some effects such as Fear.

Terrain and Terrain Overlays (p. 11)

❗ The Structure rules on p. 11 reference demolition points, that is a mistranslation of Destruction points

Spells (p. 14-15)

Drowning (p. 15): The token is correct. The range is 5 and the bonus is +1 for the first attack, and +1 for the second.

Paralyse should has a 2 Suppress token penalty, just as the token indicates.

Equipment (p. 15-16)

Poison Blade can only be used during an assault on infantry.

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