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Murphy the Donkey (Tricks/Mercenaries)
Murphy the Donkey (Tricks/Mercenaries) Posted on [07/03/2017] à 10:12


I know there's a little section on Murphy the Donkey in the FAQ, but my question is not about the "no-Kharnage-power", because I understand that: you put him in one of the other armies and make sure that whoever destroys that, doesn't get a Kharnage token.

My question is on the other of its special powers: "reaction". What is that about? I have the German version of the game and can't work out what it means in-game (same goes for the French translation). My English translation would be: "After an enemy player has done something (attack, speciality etc), you can put this unit (Murphy) in an army of your choice (including your own). De owner of this army activates all surprise effects of the unit."

So, what use is this? Does that mean that if I put Murphy in an enemy army to prevent it giving someone a Kharnage token, it gives the receiver the possibility to re-activate all surprise attacks? Still, it says the 'surprise effects of the unit', which is Murphy – though he doesn't have any surprise effects…

I have seen a French discussion on the above, but I couldn't work that out I'm afraid. So would love for someone to respond in English. 🙂

Thanks in advance!

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