Errata Scenario Booklet Heroes of Normandy Big Red One Edition

Soldier, this is the updated Scenario Booklet for the HON Big Red One Edition Core Box.

Indeed in the fight some small errors have crept into our edition, but do not worry in the meantime you can use the downloadable pdf.

We will provide you very soon with some corrective stickers so that you can keep your booklets up to date, thus avoiding you to print the Erratas pdfs.

Note however that the corrections made here concern the exact count of Tactical Bonuses (p.4) as well as the Step by Step (p.10-14) and not the scenarios, so they will be mostly useful for new players learning the rules.

posted by [Devil-Pig] Sroker the [05/04/2022]

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One Comment on “Errata Scenario Booklet Heroes of Normandy Big Red One Edition”

  1. avatar 1. Flar said :


    je crois qu’il reste un bug page 19, composition des troupes GE : il y a 2 fois le I 304, il devrait probablement y avoir le I et le II 304.

    Version papier comme pdf