EU shipping of Drop Zone

We contacted sooner the dispatcher and we will try to explain you the situation and why the EU situation blocks.

The preparation of mails is over since last Thursday, as scheduled by our dispatcher.

But, the employees of the French Post Office contacted by our dispatcher were a bunch of feckless persons (I don’t include the other employees of course) who threw some sands into the wheels of our dispatcher by their uncapacity to give them the right processes, so our dispatcher must undone their work many times in order the French Post Office accepts the mails.

We accepted to be included in a bigger dispatch (4,000 mails) because the first one was low (easier to send) but cost a lot more than expected with the new prices of the French Postal Office (we didn’t know it when we made the offers last year, the prices change each January 1st). A mail costs now +10 cents per 50g more than previously. It is less expensive to send a package with a Drop Zone than a mail from France to Belgium when you are a normal people (not a professional)!

The right process (not very user friendly with many “if” and unreadable, except if you are a lawyer) is now in the dispatcher’s hands and they hope to send the mails today or tomorrow, but without promises if the French Postal Office gave the wrong informations again.

We are sorry for all these lates beyond our control.

posted by Axel the [13/02/2018]

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6 Comments on “EU shipping of Drop Zone”

  1. avatar 6. gari said :

    Il est temps que la poste soit privatisée c’est une grosse bande d’abrutis qui bousille les paquets. Pour exemple j’ai reçu une boîte de jeu avec des coins cabossé a cause de c’est incapable.

  2. avatar 5. Augustin said :

    I received my Dropzone gazette 3 weeks ago. When the actual game will arrive? Anybody knows that?

  3. avatar 4. LionSaurus said :

    Can we get confirmation as soon as it has actually gotten shipped then?

  4. avatar 3. Rackar said :

    J’imagine que c’est également la Poste qui est la cause des 8 mois de retard (pour le moment) pour Heroes of Normandie TCG ?
    Juste pour dire que je suis un peu déçu de voir ce genre de commentaires. Je précise pour les mauvaises langues que je ne travaille pas à la Poste…

  5. avatar 2. grimfit said :

    bah je comprends mieux pourquoi j’ai eu une modification de livraison concernant un jeux commandé chez philibert. Sans compter un autre colis commandé sur une autre boutique et que j’attends depuis plus d’une semaine car apparement il est perdu. entre la poste et chronopost je ne sais pas qui bah le 1er prix de l’imcompétence

  6. avatar 1. thia74 said :

    La post c’est des branquignols
    En plus ils osent réclamer entre 2 et 4 milliards € pour leur mutation