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You? An hero? Let me joke! See me, I am THE hero!










100,000 €

It’s not simply a step like others. It’s a big step. And for a big step, a big update!



The compendium will hold more pages and pictures from all people who participate to the Heroes adventure, with in first line, Alexandre Bonvalot.


You pledged 47€/36€, you will receive stuff for a value of 121€ (+74€) / 107€ (71€)



Want to upgrade your heroes or transform your HoN characters into Mythos fighters or crazy cultist? This Kickstarter exclusive punchboard is made for you, HoN players and SoN players!

Assign a “level up” customization to your character and upgrade it with any green or white customization. Use this new customizations to level up your character at your army creation or during a campaign.

This is the first step toward a Role Playing dimension for the Heroes System Tactical Scale.



110K : End of the / Fin du Battleground set 2

120K : End of the / Fin du 4th Armored Division

130K : End of the / Fin de la 1st SS-Panzer Division

140K : An hard slipcase for the Compendium + Special acknowledgements pages in the Compendium with the name of ALL the backers of this KS + on the back of the slipcase, special acknowledgements to the 500biggest backers of this KS.

Why only of this KS and not of all the KS? The task will be hard and spends a huge amount of days (not hours, days) to compile all the data (for some lost) to determine the biggest backer of Heroes system. You can want it, but it will be to the detriment of game development.

Precision: if you reach this last Battleground Set 2 stretch-goal, the “Ventura and smugglers” punchboard will be unlocked in the add-ons section, cost € 10. It is a Kickstarter exclusive (not the Battleground set 2). It has the same size as a terrain tile 😉


And for Commonwealth? Very soon 😉


posted by Axel the [09/12/2015]

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  1. avatar 1. Dan Brewer said :

    Very fun!