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On the road to the next KS!


It’s been two years of fighting on the Normandy front. It was a long, some would say painful, journey… But we did well. ​Starting from nothing, we published about 30 expansions and two core boxes for Heroes of Normandie and Shadows over Normandie.

We would call that amazing. There were some issues of course, but through it all we can say that we made our dreams​ come true,​ publishing the first two chapters of the Heroes Tactical System (what we call the system now that SoN exists). ​

We think that now is the time, before breaking out from the beaches, to stabilize the system. We want to take into account two years of feedback, notes, grunts, jokes, critics both true and stupid, congratulations, insults, cheering encouragements and real fun. Two years of conventions, fairs, game tests with our great guinea pigs team and especially meetings with the players and conversations with backers who have come to pick up their pledge in our office. We have made some wonderful partnerships over these two years with the Heroes Tactical System community.

​All that has lead to today.

​We have the pleasure to announce to you our third Kickstarter campaign. But what will be in this one ? Good question, mate !

​It will be a campaign focused on Heroes of Normandie. The purpose is to finance the production of various elements we wish to create and allow us to allocate time and energy to a recast and rewrite of the rules. Rules that we will use as a solid base for the universe we will develop later. ​​This version does not make the previous edition obsolete, but will refine and clarify the rules.​ We have the honor to count on Mister Croc to be our foreman and editor for the Heroes of Normandie Compendium.


This Compendium will reorganize all the rules that are currently scattered among four scenario packs, five gazettes, various PDFs and of course the core box rule book.​ ​It will come with scenario sheets that incorporate both some existing scenarios and a few unpublished ones. The player generated clashes system, that incorporates the army points system​, will be enhanced and presented on sheets as well. ​Gaming aids, gathering all the special abilities, terrain elements and recruitment options onto sheets that will also be included. And everything will be stored in a cardboard slipcase.

​We hope to be able to add to the Compendium, as a stretch goal, an entire chapter dedicated to the brilliant (thank you Jamie) illustrations of Alexandre Bonvalot, with some big visuals of our most beautiful tokens. Additional goals could include some fiction to present the adventures of our Heroes.​

​For any future expansions, any required special rules will be published in the same format as the gaming aids so you can sort them in the Compendium slipcase with everything else.

Three pledges will be proposed. Two dedicated to Heroes of Normandie and one to Shadows over Normandie:

– The first HoN pledge will include the Compendium, one KS exclusive punchboard and one surprise. This pledge has access to the stretch goals.

– The second HoN pledge will include the Compendium, storage solutions for HoN core box elements, one KS exclusive punchboard and one surprise. This pledge has access to the stretch goals.

– ​The SoN pledge option will include storage solutions for SoN core box elements. It will be all about Shadows over Normandie and will not have access to the stretch goals.

​Stretch goals will mostly revolve around improving the Compendium quality and content, but with some new units and surprises. ​The campaign will include add-ons to give you the opportunity to pickup additional storage for the rest of your collection, to get the anticipated deck protectors and the KS exclusives you missed. There will also be storage and deck protectors for SoN as well. And because we know us well, there will surely be some other surprises during the campaign.

​This new adventure will allow us to refocus on the community that is the heart of our success and address many of the wishes expressed in the forums.

Thank you for everything and hope to see many of you on Kickstarter !

The Devil Pig Team

posted by Axel the [20/11/2015]

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8 Comments on “On the road to the next KS!”

  1. avatar 8. Aldaiaur said :

    Viiiiite, je pledge !!!

  2. avatar 7. siorac54 said :

    Excellent. Quand commencera le KS3 ?

  3. avatar 6. joflehobbit said :

    est ce que le recueil des règles sera sur un format livre ? je pense que cela donnerait une vraie image qualitative à votre superbe jeu.

  4. avatar 5. Fredm said :

    Bonne nouvelle ! Ce serait bien de penser a un moyen de ranger toutes les extensions aussi… Les boîtes de 3 cm de haut pas pratiqués du tout… Rangement du jeu de base bof… Rangement modulaire de tout : oui !!!

  5. avatar 4. cycyx said :

    Tiens, un troisième jeu : Sandows over Normandie ? :p

  6. avatar 3. peleide said :

    Idem pour moi. 😉

  7. avatar 2. Valancey said :

    Oh yeah!
    Superbe, ouvrez-moi les portes!
    Je veux pledger!

  8. avatar 1. beleg01 said :

    BRAVO !
    Le Compendium a l’air vraiment bien structuré… avec “des aides de jeu réunissant toutes les capacités spéciales”.
    Je suis preneur du 1er Pledge !!!