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New goodies from Azao Games


More Print & Play

Since last December we released several new Print & Play punchboards. Players could download, print, cut out and glue the counters onto card stock (if they hadn’t printed doublesided straight away). As there are lots of properly equipped eager skillful craftspersons in the DPG community, it was no surprise to see pictures of some very clean homemade results appear on the forum.

There are, however, many other people who, for whatever reason, prefer to rather forego the cost-effective creative procedure and gladly pay for a ready-made punchboard any day instead.


For these players we could gladly offer a solution as we introduced them to AZAO Games, a company specialized in the manufacture of prototypes for board games.

As more than sufficient numbers of gamers seemed to appreciate this alternative, we decided to continue working with this company for the Print & Play project.

We shall broaden the range of P&P products that will be available through AZAO Games.

You can now order the Colossus that has been available in the download section of our website for quite a long time already.

We do get the FAQ whether, one day, we might print these P & P punchboards ourselves.

It isn’t quite planned in the near future but never say never.


Some of you exclaimed : “Have the out of stock items printed on demand!”

We have transferred several files already. Some products that are out of stock for good at DPG will once more be available through AZAO Games.

You can now order these two SoN articles :

Achtung! Cthulhu,

More Zombies.

In the long run you could thus obtain all products currently no longer available at DPG and save you an often fruitless search for these hard to find items.



To clarify your orders we have given a code to the available products :

– AZ001 – La cellule Du Guesclin – punchboard N°1 (The Guesclin resistance cell)

– AZ002 – La cellule Du Guesclin – punchboard N°2 (The Guesclin resistance cell)

– AZ003 – South Lancashire Regiment

– AZ004 – Cthulhu Mythos Call 3- Heinrich Von Kamptz

– AZ005 – Cthulhu Mythos Call 3 – N°666

– AZ006 – Colossus

AZ010A Achtung! Cthulhu – punchboard N°1

– AZ010B Achtung! Cthulhu – punchboard N°2

– AZ010C – Achtung! Cthulhu – 3 Double-sided terrain tiles

– AZ011 – More Zombies


AZ010A and AZ010B must be ordered together.

We shall inform you when more items have been added to this list.


How to order?

To order, it suffices to send an email to AZAO Games :


and state the references, names and amount of the desired punchboards.

Please read the following :

– Although they did validate the concept, Devil Pig is NOT financially involved in this agreement. If a problem should occur (slight chance but not impossible), this must be taken up with AZAO Games. The After Sales Department of Devil Pig cannot assist you.

– Azao Games makes products in small quantities. The result is of very good quality but the production, bit by bit and on demand, can take several weeks depending upon the planning of the company and the number of people who made an order. Please be patient, especially if this turns out to be a successful event.


Price list

AZAO charges 15 euros, VAT included, for one punchboard or one terrain tile.

However, if you order 3 or more boards/tiles, the price drops to 10 euros, VAT included, per piece.

AZAO Games went to great lengths to limit shipping cost.

For a shipment weighing less than 1 kilo (2,2 lbs) shipping estimates are as follows :

– France: 15 euros,

– United Kingdom : about 17 euros,

– USA: 20 euros.

posted by gduprez the [23/03/2018]

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28 Comments on “New goodies from Azao Games”

  1. avatar 28. altuzar1213 said :

    Hello! Does Azao still print punchboards? How do we get in touch with them? thanks

  2. avatar 27. wibble said :

    Are any of these reprints, or is it safe to go ahead and order one of everything?

  3. avatar 26. gduprez said :

    Cool 😉

  4. avatar 25. Rokeas said :


    merci pour votre aide, ma commande a été prise en compte
    il n’y a plus qu’a attendre


  5. avatar 24. gduprez said :

    Je vous ai répondu sur le post du forum 😉

  6. avatar 23. Rokeas said :

    j’ai contacté Azao games plusieurs fois , sans réponse. connaissez vous d’autre entreprises qui peuvent faire ce genre d’impression ?

  7. avatar 22. gduprez said :


  8. avatar 21. WayneCW said :

    Update: I received the invoice for my order. Thanks!

  9. avatar 20. WayneCW said :

    I haven’t heard from them yet. Hopefully I will hear from them soon.

  10. avatar 19. WayneCW said :

    Sounds good. Thanks.

  11. avatar 18. gduprez said :

    @WayneCW: Azao will answer you tomorrow or Thursday.

  12. avatar 17. WayneCW said :

    Thank you.

  13. avatar 16. gduprez said :

    I will contact Nicolas from Azao tomorrow for you. 😉

  14. avatar 15. WayneCW said :

    I haven’t heard back from Azao in a week. Should I be concerned? I’m guessing probably not because they are a small group and this is a side thing. Just thought they would respond faster to here take my money.

  15. avatar 14. WayneCW said :

    Awesome! Thanks. I’m going to order all the current boards as soon as I hear back on where to make the payment.

  16. avatar 13. gduprez said :

    Yes, in the future. I must prepare the files.

  17. avatar 12. WayneCW said :

    Will you eventually have some HoN punch boards available like Miller’s Rangers?

  18. avatar 11. WayneCW said :

    Thanks for the information. I plan on ordering them as soon as I can fit it in my budget.

  19. avatar 10. gduprez said :

    Azao will answer to your mail.
    Everything = 9 punchboards x 10 euros + 3 tiles x 10 euros = 120 euros
    Shipping: 20 or 30 euros depending of the weight (probably 30 euros).

  20. avatar 9. WayneCW said :

    I sent an email on Monday, but haven’t heard back. What is the total cost including shipping to get one of everything shipped to the US?

  21. avatar 8. gduprez said :

    “Is this the full list of currently available HoN/SoN boards?”
    Yes, it’s the full list of HoN/SoN boards produce by Azao… For the moment…

  22. avatar 7. WayneCW said :

    Is this the full list of currently available HoN/SoN boards?

  23. avatar 6. gduprez said :

    DUST: yes (quickly I hope).
    Gazettes and KS exclusives: probably. I will ask Yann & Clem.

  24. avatar 5. Jowel said :

    Haaaaaaa! Achtung! Cthulhu!!! Le seul truc qui me manquait!!! Haaaaaaa, je vais enfin pouvoir avoir la collection au complet!!! Haaaaaaaaa :o)

  25. avatar 4. Drew said :

    Any chance the dust warfare or gazette’s could reapper through Azao?

  26. avatar 3. gduprez said :


  27. avatar 2. Eclo said :

    Does that mean that after your selling of leftover stock for the KS exclusives (today or monday), the people who didn’t manage to obtain a copy can get it through Azao later ?
    Every kickstarter exclusive ?

  28. avatar 1. cylence said :

    Any pictures of an AZAO board?