Last 36H for the private pre-orders


You only have until Wednesday morning to offer you Heroes of Black Reach in private pre-order!
This is your last chance to benefit from special offers and gifts!

Next Wednesday, the public preorders will open without as many advantages than now!



As a reminder, the private pre-order contains all the following products! From the core box to the army reinforcements or the storage system!

But it is especially the opportunity to offer you one of the 2 offers with all their gifts and discounts!

You will receive your game 2 months before the official release!



Link to the previous news:

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posted by Axel the [11/09/2017]

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2 Comments on “Last 36H for the private pre-orders”

  1. avatar 2. Lbrasington said :

    Trying to order. Using my phone for some reason unable to

  2. avatar 1. Lbrasington said :

    Been trying to place my order but I’ve been unable to I am in Florida where hurricane Erma went through can you help