On the way!

Hello fellow soldiers!
We have some exciting news to share with you today: our carrier in the US just received the copies of Heroes of Stalingrad 🔥
Fulfillment should begin soon, let us know once you receive your pledge 😉
Let’s not forget about our fellow European soldiers: fulfillment is schedule for early December. Just enough time to get ready for the fight! 👊
You can find the fulfillment timeline here:
➡️ Asia : fulfillment starts at the end of the week
➡️ Australia: games are on their way on the boat from China
➡️ US: fulfillment will begin next week
➡️ EU: estimate fulfillment for early December


posted by yann the [18/11/2019]

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18 Comments on “On the way!”

  1. avatar 18. SimonD said :

    Des nouvelles pour le Canada?
    Any news for Canada?

  2. avatar 17. ike said :

    Received today at Madrid, Spain. Perfect!

  3. avatar 16. jaew03 said :

    Received it in Ohio and it looks awesome! Great job everyone!

  4. avatar 15. Jowel said :

    Début décembre? Mais c’est bientôt! Hourra!!!

  5. avatar 14. Whiteant said :

    How about Australia? When can be get ours?

  6. avatar 13. Alan Hume said :

    Is it too late to come on board and buy this?

  7. avatar 12. Ouaam76 said :

    Raaaa !!! Enfin !! Idéal pour Noël 😉

  8. avatar 11. jyonkers said :

    Got it today in Michigan, USA. Looks great.

  9. avatar 10. Whiteant said :

    How about Australia? What does still on the boat mean? Next year even?

  10. avatar 9. Late4Dinner said :

    Arrived in Sacramento, CA.

  11. avatar 8. Johlin94 said :

    When will the game be released for those of us who weren’t in time to pledge? I can’t wait. I just recently picked up Normandie, and have been having a blast with the game, and the expansions.

  12. avatar 7. dad3zero said :

    Merci Renaud, oui je sais où c’est 😉 Cool.

  13. avatar 6. Renaud92240 said :

    Dad3zero => Je crois que nous devons aller les chercher à la Waaagh Taverne 16 rue Stanislas 75006 Paris. C’est à une encablure de Montparnasse, juste derrière l’église Notre-Dame des Champs.

  14. avatar 5. dad3zero said :

    Super !
    Mais une question (elle a peut-être déjà été posée) : comment ça se passe pour ceux qui initialement devaient le récupérer à la boutique ? Et si ça bascule en livraison, peut-on modifier l’adresse ?

    Merci !

  15. avatar 4. voxer said :

    Can ‘t wait.

  16. avatar 3. Silverpaint68 said :

    Da tovaritch !
    Боевая подруга

  17. avatar 2. slyfox said :

    What about Canada? I assume US + 10 days?

  18. avatar 1. thia74 said :

    Na Rodina !!