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We’ve updated the BP. Here are the final punchboards but mainly… THE SCENARIO BOOKLET MAQUETTE! Yep, feast boys, it’s on the house. Of course there is still a need to proofread everything and translate it but what do you think of this new look?






posted by yann the [06/05/2021]

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15 Comments on “Battle Pack Bloody Omaha Content”

  1. avatar 15. nachoskaven said :

    1ST board: The US combat engineers are expensive, since they have good skills… But the optional squads are as cheap as standard ones… Shouldn’t they be more expensive??
    4TH board: the shooting skills of the fire teams Rangers do not get worse on the B side?

  2. avatar 14. fredrig 7 said :

    Loin de moi l’envie de critiquer, mais je préférais l’autre image du gén. Cota il ressemblait à robert Mitchum Dans le jour le plus long…

  3. avatar 13. fredrig 7 said :

    Loin de moi l’envie de critiquer, mais je préférais l’autre image du gén. Cota il ressemblait à robert Mitchum Dans le jour le plus long

  4. avatar 12. Nostradunwhich said :

    I noticed OB5-B terrain board has the name OB4-B. If you notice anything else, add it to the thread:

  5. avatar 11. Nostradunwhich said :

    The plates have been updated with many corrections, but give them another check and report in the forum thread.

  6. avatar 10. Nostradunwhich said :

    Please move all of this to

  7. avatar 9. Bokrug said :

    On board 7, I feel like the generic MG 42 should also be designated “HMG” on both the recruitment and unit tile, the same way they are on board 4.

  8. avatar 8. Bokrug said :

    Regarding the STUG IV and the Stummel on board 8 (and possibly other vehicles), should non-turreted cannons still need the red “angle of fire” markers to show which direction they can shoot?

  9. avatar 7. Idiots.Inc said :

    I am super excited for the release of these punchboards, thank you for your hard work!

    Here is a contribution to the error spotting:

    combat engineer recruit tiles: already pointed out that they don’t match available units, also their back sides are reversed (support/assault & assault/support)

    29th inf. recon unit has support on reverse side

    29th inf. landing units don’t have the suppress icons on the “dead” side like the other ones do

    The Festungskopanie’s officer should be flipped vertically on the reverse side

    Hope it helps and thanks again!

  10. avatar 6. WardEd said :

    Hi Guys,

    Nice work but there are multiple errors on the boards:
    – Board 001 Front: Explosive M1 image is cut off
    – Board 001 Front: There is 1 too many flamer unit and 1 missing fire team unit (i.e., one of the flamer units should be a Fire team) if the options indicated are to be selected for the US combat engineers are to be playable
    – Board 001 Front: The landing unit selection board is missing 3 morale (Red XXX)
    – Board 001 Front: Should the German Panzerschreck unit have a red boarder (both the selection option token and the unit token) as it is a heavy weapon?
    – Board 001 Back: Landing unit selection board missing a big red 3 for victory points and 3 red XXX for morale
    – Board 002 Front and Back: The rangers support squad is called support squad and worth 60 points on the front of the unit and 30 cal squad and is worth 5 VP and 50 points on the back … which is correct?
    – Board 002 Front: The Rangers Gears option should be called Gear in English (there is no “s” added for the plural)
    – Board 02 Back: The injured Rangers Fire team should have a +1 for yellow targets not +2 if it is consistent with the Combat Engineers Fire team.
    – Board 02 Back: All 4 units in the landing team are missing the suppression token and range symbols (they should be the same as the ones of the back of board 001)
    – Board 03 Front and Back: Should the Generic US Bazooka unit instead be a Support team. Otherwise not all combinations can be taken for the Rifle platoon on this board
    – Board 03 Front and Back: The Assault squad option is 55 points on the front but only 50 on the back
    – Board 03 Front and Back: The Bazooka squad option is 45 points on the front but 50 on the back (if it should be 45 on the back the Red 5 victory point number should be changed to a 4)
    – Board 03 Back: The landing selection board is missing the 3 red XXX on the back
    – Board 04 Front and Back: The defense group has a cost of 45 on the front and 50 on the back should it be 45 on the back if the right cost is 45?
    – Board 04 Back: All 4 unit options are missing the red XXs for morale (or Red X for artillery spotter) on the back
    – Board 07 Front: Tank Gears should say Tank Gear (no “s” added for plural)
    – Board 07 Back: The 105 Sherman option is missing the 60 point cost of the unit on the back
    – Board 08 Front: The unit option for the Panter Ausf A should say Panther Ausf A (missing an “h”)

  11. avatar 5. Bokrug said :

    Just when I think I’m done…

    On board 1, why are there two Flamer units if I can only recruit one? I think one Flamer unit is supposed to be a Fire Team instead. And why does the recruitment board call it a Flamer Team, when the unit tile just says Flamer? The Engineers also appear to have an extra .30 Cal unit that can’t be recruited… Maybe we’re missing a recruitment tile?

  12. avatar 4. Bokrug said :

    And, on the back of board 2, the recruitment tile of the Ranger Support Squad has the wrong image on its back side.

    On board 3, the costs of the Bazooka Squad and Assault Squad on the front side are not the same as the costs on the back.

    On board 4, the recruitment tile for the Defense Group shows a cost of 50 on the front, but 45 on the back.

    That’s all for now! 🙂

  13. avatar 3. Bokrug said :

    One more, I just saw that on board 7, the Tank Platoon shows a cost of 125 on the front, but 130 on the back…

  14. avatar 2. Bokrug said :

    This looks great, I cannot wait! However, I see a few things of interest…

    What is the ‘0’ above the Engineer recruitment slot on board 1? Are you saying anything that goes in there is free?

    On board 2, I believe the training tiles have typos, they should be spelled “Mobile Fire” and “Urban Fighter”.

    On board 4, should the ‘9’ in Mauser R9 really be in red?

    On board 4, do the Pak 40 and 7.5cm Gun need the red “angle of fire” markers, to indicate where they can shoot?

    Not that it matters, but on board 7, the back of the recruitment tile for the M4A3 (105) Sherman does not show its 60-point cost.

    On board 8, I think you should drop the ‘s’ from Panzer-Aufklarung.

    Also on board 8, I believe it should be an ‘e’ instead of an ‘o’ in Kubelwagen on the recruitment tile.

    Also on board 8, the recruitment tile is misspelled for the Panther AUSF A.

    On the back of board 8, the Panzerschreck recruitment tile shows a cost of 15, instead of the 20 shown on the front. Why is this one more expensive than the generic German army Panzerschreck on board 1, which does cost 15?

  15. avatar 1. m3phistos said :

    Embuscade de tanks!!!
    Le Zundap était déjà vicieux, là le Kübel wagen promet de faire mal lui aussi : c’est le même mais avec un transport en plus!