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It ‘s been several weeks since the closing date for the Shadows over Normandie scenario contest. All received scenarios needed to be given the proper layout and translated first so the French and English speaking communities can check them out at the same time. For this competition, we are thrilled to publish a booklet with 7 scenarios.

A big thank you to Moomer for the translation in english.

You can download the booklet. If any questions should arise during playtesting please ask here. We shall contact the scenario writers and transfer their answers to you. Any clarifications that may be necessary will be added in the final version of the booklet. This shall be published after the winner has been proclaimed.

We have decided to allow 10 weeks, upto July 31, 2017, before closing the polls and announcing a winner. This should give players ample opportunity to playtest the scenarios before casting their vote. You can vote for 3 scenarios maximum.

You have played, you have playtested, which scenario do you prefer ? (Max 3 answers)

Nombre de Votants : 7

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Have fun playing.

posted by gduprez the [19/05/2017]

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    A votez !

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    A voté !

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    Merci gduprez!