Scenario Contest!

UPDATE 01/19/2015

Hello all!

jm974, french forum moderator, has launched a scenario contest and we are partnering with him to create the first Heroes of Normandie scenario contest!

The scenarios must be sent to jm974 (private message). Once deposited, I will make the layout. As soon as they are all ready, a special webpage for vote will open.


– Deadline for deposit : January 31st (midnight, Paris time)
– 1 maximum vote per registered person on our website
– Scenarios must be anonymous. Any person who will say “it’s my scenario” will be disqualified
– Beginning of the vote : 16/02/2015
– End of the vote : 31/03/2015 (midnight, Paris time)


– Each participant can deposit 1 or 2 scenarios
– Obligation to write a synopsis
– Scenarios may take place outside Normandie
– 4 to 9 terrain tiles
– Maximum : 500 Army points per army
– Maximum : 1 extension* and 2 punchboards (KS exclusive authorized)

* Considered as 1 extension : River Set, DDay Scenario Pack, set of 2 Army Box (your choice), 21eme Panzer Division (see below for details).

Composition of 21ème Panzer Division (symbol “D”):
– Feldkommando (Whilhelm “ALV” Schelling) : high command recruitment tile
– Panzer-Aufklärung : color stripes => dark green – black – dark green
– GE Panzergrenadiere (I. Battalion,21 PZDiV-RGT.125) : color stripes => khaki beige – black – khaki beige
– Panzergruppe (I. Battalion,21 PZDiv-RGT.22) : color stripes => dark green – khaki beige – dark green
– Marder III M (Light vehicle)
– Hardboiled (character trait recruitment option)


We will offer you a framed original drawing (and not a dedication) of Alex (art director), signed by all the team!

Forum link: Concours de scénario (in french)

Good luck !

UPDATE 01/19/2015 : It is forbidden to use official rules that aren’t already published in an official booklet. The reason is to facilitate trials as possible to everyone.

posted by Axel the [15/01/2015]

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2 Comments on “Scenario Contest!”

  1. avatar 2. Axel said :

    Je ne sais pas … A combien estimes-tu le montant pour soudoyer un Community Manager 😀

  2. avatar 1. Ouaam76 said :

    C’est simple : mon scénario, c’est le meilleur !!

    Oupsss… J’espère que je vais pas être disqualifié pour délit de TRES GROS EGO !!


    Bonne chance à tous..