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Chief, I feel rather strange when I hear them chanting…


A couple of days ago, I unveiled the punchboard for The Choir of Nightmares:



Today, I’ll show you how this unit works, and more specifically, the new type of customisation it comes with, called: Prayers.

So, as I said, a Prayer (be it a psalm, a canticle, …) is a customisation, which means that only characters can use it. When activated, The Choirmaster can chant a Prayer in addition to this Movement or Firing Action. The Prayer’s corresponding token is placed on him and is removed again when he’s destroyed. A Prayer’s bonus is applied to all friendly units within range (a penalty affects all units within range) until the token is removed at the end of the Supply Phase. Depending on the situation (see the descriptions of each Prayer when I’ll publish them), the bonuses or penalties don’t affect light or heavy vehicles. A character can only perform one Prayer at a time.

If we take the example of the Bloody Creed Prayer, which helps friendly infantry units within range 1 of the Choirmaster by giving them the Assault +1 special ability (if they don’t already have a better Assault value). We’re talking about the Assault +1 special ability here, not +1 on Assaults! When the assault is resolved, the affected unit must be within the range of the Prayer’s affected area. If the assaulting unit is in the affected zone at the beginning of its movement but exits this zone again to launch the actual assault, the unit no longer profits from the bonus.

Forget about keeping your Choirmaster in cover, he’ll need to be in the heart of the action to support your units effectively!



Prayers, we’ll hear them better when sung in choir… Gameplay-wise, this translates into units with the Chorale special ability (situated in the Zone of Control of the character that initiated the Prayer) extending the Prayer’s range. By keeping the Choirmaster well surrounded by the Choir of Nightmares, it will, therefore, be possible to create a bubble in which the Prayer’s effect applies. But watch out for blast templates and other grenades…


As you have understood, the Choir of Nightmares is a support unit that might cover an important part of the battlefield without worrying about line of sight…

Losing Choristers gravely limits the effectiveness of the choir though. Knowing that the unit needs to be as close as possible to the combat zone to be effective… and even worse, the death of the Choirmaster himself makes it impossible to even initiate Prayers.


You can’t imagine SoN games with the Choir of Nightmares??? Well, it’s time to participate in this P500. On Monday, June 17th, 2019 at 18h00, it will be too late. You can’t say that I haven’t warned you…

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posted by gduprez the [05/06/2019]

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3 Comments on “Chief, I feel rather strange when I hear them chanting…”

  1. avatar 3. Kuwanan said :

    J avais mal compris alors. Pas de problème.

  2. avatar 2. gduprez said :

    Non. C’est le cadeau pour ceux qui prennent le Bundle 1.

  3. avatar 1. Kuwanan said :

    Bonjour, ce punchboard n était pas aussi disponible à la vente en solo pour ceux qui ne souhaitaient pas prendre le bundle?