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HoBR Drop Zone Contest : Results!

We will contact the winners shortly to get their address

Heroes of Black Reach : Contest Drop Zone

Try to win the Heroes of Black Reach Drop Zone on our social networks Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : […]

Exclusive punchboard on White Dwarf

Find today in White Dwarf a exclusive punchboard for Heroes of Black Reach ! 

Space Marines of the Reinforcement

Ultramarines of the reinforcement ! 


The Freebooterz aren’t Orks landlubbers !


Here is the Orks from the Heroes of Black Reach core box with their recruitment options! Enjoy!  

HoBR Contest #1: Results!

Nous contacterons les gagnants sous peu pour avoir leur adresse 😉

Heroes of Black Reach: First contest!

For this first contest, we offer you a multi-platform challenge in order to maximise your chances of winning! Like and […]

Heroes of Black Reach : news of the week

The week was full of Heroes of Black Reach and we are preparing you more: product content, contests, Alexandre Bonvalot’s […]

Little change in the shop

The Reinforcement packs become multilingual, for more simplicity and to avoid sending products in the wrong language. The change will […]