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Heroes of Black Reach : Reinforcement

More units! Giant vehicles, aviation, Sicarius and Zanzag. All is available in the reinforcement pack!

Heroes of Black Reach : Stormboyz

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No it’s Stormboyz! Waaagh!!!

Heroes of Black Reach : Dropzone

The Drop zone is the best way to discover Heroes of Black Reach. This completely autonomous demo will initiate you […]

Heroes of Black Reach : Core Box

With more than 50 units, 100 action cards, 6 terrain tiles on both side, 8 scenarios and many options and […]

Heroes of Black Reach : Brother Millius

“We invoke the Machine God. So that which is disunited shall be gathered together”

The more recent news – 19 janvier

Drop Zone Shipping is over (after some difficulties with the French Postal Agency for European dispatch) for those who preordered […]

EU shipping of Drop Zone

We contacted sooner the dispatcher and we will try to explain you the situation and why the EU situation blocks. […]

Rick Priestley likes Heroes of Black Reach!

This week-end, it was the le Robin Wargame Show and the UK Official DPG demo team was here. Thanks to them, […]

Soirée démo Drop Zone

Sorry, this entry is only available in French. Venez tester la Drop Zone d’Heroes of Black Reach, à la WAAAGH! […]

Orks of the Reainforcement part 1

A first part of Orks of the reinforcement !